How to buy Apple shares?

How to buy Apple shares?

Being the world's most popular and valuable brand, Apple is a company that attracts big attention. They produce some of the most desirable products out there and have managed to gain one of the most loyal customer bases in the world. This loyalty is easy to see when Apple released a simple magnetic metal screen stand for $1,000 and their customers have no problem going out and buying it. This loyalty and brand value have attracted many investors, who see Apple as a good long-term investment opportunity.

Apple stocks are traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange market, and in order to buy Apple stocks, you need to find a broker that can grant you access to this stock exchange.

Over the years traders have generated some fantastic returns on their Apple investments. If they purchased Apple stock back in 2020 when the price was sitting at $56 they would be very happy today as it is currently trading at over $150 a share. However, it is not too late and if you want to know how to buy Apple shares, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Find a good broker
  • Open a trading account
  • Determine the capital you want to invest with
  • Buy Apple shares
  • Keep track of your investment to get your gains

Step One: Find a Good Broker

Financial brokers usually enable their clients to trade in different financial markets, including the stock market, and they work as a mediator between you and the stock exchange market, where you can buy Apple's stock.

Not every brokerage company is legit, and you need to find a broker that is regulated, licensed, and subject to different legislative measures.

Licensed brokers can be trusted because they are continually observed by regulatory authorities, and their behavior guidelines include a punishment system if they act in any sketchy way.

You will also need to check if the broker accepts traders from your country of residence, some brokers set limits on the countries from where they accept clients, make sure you check that beforehand.

Another thing you have to check is the payment methods, the commissions, and the fees charged by the broker because some platforms are expensive, and it might not be in your best interest to trade with them.

Payment and withdrawal processing time is something to consider as well because this might affect your Apple investment strategy, especially if you are focusing on the quick buying and selling of your trading position.

If you are struggling with the decision and not sure which broker to choose - be sure to check our list of the best brokers here.

Step Two: Open a Trading Account


Once you have found a broker where you can buy Apple stock that also works with your country and preferred payment method, you will need to open a new trading account at the broker’s website. The registration process is similar to any registration process you might have done online in the past. To start, you will need to enter your information such as name, email address, and phone number. After verifying your email and/or phone number, you will be required to submit some more detailed information.

You will need to provide your address and submit further verification documents, including proof of identity and residence, this is usual and nothing to worry about.

To save you some time we have done the research and listed some of the top brokers that can help you purchase Apple shares and trade successfully:

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Step Three: Deposit Your Trading Capital


Now you are going to deposit money in your trading account at the broker’s website where you are going to invest in Apple.

Prior to depositing money in your trading account, you need to consider three things: how much does it cost to buy stock in Apple, how many stocks are you willing to buy, and what is the minimum deposit requirement by the broker.

Depending on how much money you are willing to spend, you can decide whether it’s a whole stock of Apple or a fraction of a stock that you are going to buy. Some brokers offer fractional share trading, which can be a good deal for traders with a limited budget so that they can spend less capital and still own a portion of Apple stock. If you plan to do this, make sure that the broker offers fractional share trading.

If the broker’s website requires a minimum deposit make sure what the amount is before depositing anything. Any of the deposited funds that you don't use for purchasing the stock will remain in the account and you can use or withdraw it at a later stage.

As you might have checked earlier, the payment methods are going to determine how you fund your trading account. Most brokers offer facilities for paying via credit/debit card, wire transfers, and the like.

Other methods vary between brokers, and they can include e-wallets, crypto-wallets, and other online banking options. Each of these methods has its own processing time and possible fees.

You will need to decide which of these payment methods is available to you and suits you best. This is going to be the main factor in how soon you are going to be able to buy the desired amount of shares, as the moment your money clears into your trading account, you can immediately start buying shares.

Most traders use credit/debit cards because they are more convenient, and using them to pay is generally faster and cheaper than other methods.

Step Four: Buy Apple Shares


When you have the deposited money shown in your trading account, you can start buying stocks in Apple. Since Apple's stock price is somewhat affordable when compared with other more expensive stocks, you might decide to buy a full share or even several.

Buying one Apple stock and holding it is probably the best way to invest in the company if you are a beginner trader since it is easier to track the price movement and calculate the gains/losses.

Once you have determined your strategy for buying Apple stock, and how many stocks you want to purchase, you are now one click away from opening your trading position in the market.

You can either open the trading position manually, or you can let the system automatically open a trading position for you once the stock hits a specific price point, with what is called a “buy order”.

In case the stock price starts declining, it might not be the best moment to buy stock. This is why a buy order can be of use. The buy order will automatically open a trading position for you when the stock hits a specific price, and it is expected that Apple stock will go up. 

Step Five: Watch Your Investment


Once your trading position is open, you will need to start keeping track of Apple's stock price and make sure you chose the right time to exit the market. Since Apple is a tech-savvy company, it introduced state-of-art technology in its iPhones, and the stock prices usually go up every time a new product is released.

The Apple corporation never stops developing or releasing new phones and computers, which is why some traders believe that Apple stock is a good investment for longer-term gains.

At this point, it is also important to know some trading terminology as it will help you better control your Apple investment. Using trading options and indicators is a great way of keeping an eye on your investment and knowing how the market is moving.

You need to keep up with every news and global event that might affect the stock price of Apple, as well as governmental reports and political statements that can affect the rollout and R&D of that company.

Your trading strategy and timing are going to determine if Apple is a good stock to buy, and it is usually advised to focus on long-term gains when buying Apple stock. If you hold Apple stock for a short period of time, like one, or even a few weeks, it is likely not to increase that much, or it might even drop for a bit.

However, historically, the trend is on an upward trajectory, and even if the price drops in the short term, it should pick up again once some more new products come to market.

In 2017, when the iPhone X was announced, the stock price started increasing for the next two months and rose by nearly 20%.

The same happened in 2019 when iPhone 11 was announced, the stock price kept increasing for 3 months straight and closed out the year 35% higher.

Do We Recommend Buying Apple Stocks?

Apple is one of the top corporations in tech, occupying 47% of the US smartphone industry by the 3rd quarter of 2021, which can indicate that it would be a good idea to buy Apple stocks. The tech industry is the biggest industry in the US right now, and the IT sector occupies 33% of the US market share, which means that investing in this industry is totally worth it.

Tech companies are more likely to keep growing, and despite many seeing a downturn in the market in 2022, Apple has remained fairly stable. Given the affordability of Apple's stock price and the potential the stock has, you can only imagine that there could be some more growth incoming.

Since it went public in 1980, Apple has seen enormous growth which led the company to split its stocks. The stock price grew 23% during the first week of its IPO.

But let’s talk about the present - the company has been growing well over the course of the last three years. It doubled its stock price in 2019 and achieved a 75% growth rate in 2020.

This growth has slowed down in 2021 to 40%, which can be attributed to the global shortage of processing chips and delivery disturbances caused by the supply chain in the US. Now in 2022, despite other tech companies suffering, Apple still seems like a stable investment.

FAQ About Buying Apple Stocks

Can I buy Apple stock for $1?

Yes, you can. However, you will need to find a broker that allows fractional share trading. Fractional share trading enables you to buy a fraction of a stock. This might be a good idea for people on a strict budget.

How to invest in Apple stock online?

Nowadays, you can invest in any stock market online. All you need to do is to find a reliable broker, register on their website, and open your trading account. Once you've got your trading account ready and verified, you can start adding funds to your trading wallet and buy any stocks that are offered by the broker.

What was the highest stock price for Apple?

In 2012, Apple’s stock price reached $702, a record figure for the company. This sharp increase was due to the release of the new iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, with the newly introduced voice assistant Siri.

Is investing in Apple stocks a good idea?

Apple's stock has always proved itself to be a good performer in the long run. The company leads the US market in mobile phones to this day, and there doesn't seem to be any slowdown.