Advertiser Disclosure

At investfox, we are dedicated to providing market-leading investment content for everyone involved in the industry. This includes news, reports, educational guides, and reviews of investment companies - most commonly financial trading brokerages.

Our content team is dedicated to composing insightful, honest, and unbiased reviews. This is our main priority. We will never accept any kind of compensation in order to make things look better than they actually are. We will never prioritize money over the best interests of our users. When it comes to our broker ratings and reviews, we are only guided by the qualitative and quantitative data collected via open sources, and you can read about our rating methodologies in detail. Since our ratings are not for sale, how do we generate revenue from investfox? 

How does investfox earn?

Below are the most common ways through which investfox generates revenue.

Affiliate commissions

Once you register an account with one of our partner companies through investfox, the company may compensate us on a performance basis. This is done at no additional cost to you.

Marketing/Advertising fees

investfox may accept a certain fee for composing an unbiased review of a company and for displaying the company in our listings. The rating of this company will not be affected by the advertising fee or its size. Hence, it may occur that a certain lower-ranked company may be displayed higher on the listings than better-ranked companies. 

Sponsored content

We may publish content that promotes a certain product or service of an advertiser and charge for this. When releasing such content, it is clearly marked as “sponsored” to make sure that the reader is aware that investfox has been compensated for the publication of the content. We, however, undertake our best efforts to rate the sponsored content and its benefits for our users beforehand in a fair and objective manner.

Review inclusions

At investfox we are committed to reviewing only the most notable companies within the investment space. Yet, it may happen that a company requests us to provide an unbiased review, which investfox will only be willing to provide at a fee. Our broker analyst team operates separately from our commercial team and is therefore unaware whether a certain brokerage has paid to be reviewed or not. This way we can assure that the reviews and ratings are unaffected by investfox’s earnings.

Review updates 

We are dedicated to providing the most relevant and up-to-date information to our users, yet, our resources are limited. We may keep certain reviews dated at our discretion, but we may also prioritize the update of certain reviews due to the payment we have received. The payment, however, will not have any impact on the rating of the company, just on the speed of the updates.

Why did we choose these earning strategies? 

investfox is a commercial project and, obviously, one of our aims is to make money. 

That being said, our bigger goal is to deliver top-notch content without any possible restrictions. Our revenue allows us to provide users with free-to-access content and with a nearly ad-free user experience. 

Where do the funds go? 

The revenue generated from investfox goes towards compensating our team, so we can further develop investfox and provide an even larger degree of transparency within the investment industry, as well as design new features and enhance our overall user experience. The remaining portion of the funds is paid out as dividends to the owners of investfox.

What does this cost you? 

Absolutely nothing. Whichever form of revenue investfox generates, this is done at no additional cost to you. No increased commissions, no wider spreads, no hidden costs.

List of our partners

Should you sign up with one of the investment companies listed below, please be aware that investfox may receive compensation.