Most influential crypto traders to follow on social media

Most influential crypto traders to follow on social media

When newcomers are joining the crypto space, they usually have a hard time adjusting to the complex world of crypto. There are countless cryptocurrencies on the market, different indicators, market movers, and so much more to make sense of. To make this adjustment period faster, new traders are visiting different experienced traders' social media accounts to receive all the necessary information about this space.

Cryptocurrency traders use multiple different social media platforms to connect with community members and new traders who are looking to receive quality information about everything related to crypto.

Many crypto and NFT traders are present on social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TradingView. These influencers are trying to help newcomers get to know the market and teach them how to not make mistakes. Here we will discuss the most influential crypto traders that everyone should follow.

Most Influential Crypto Traders on Social Media

  • BitBoy Crypto - 1.45 million YouTube subscribers. Most notably discusses Bitcoin and Ether
  • Anthony Pompliano - 1.6 million Twitter followers. His topic of choice is primarily effective Bitcoin trading
  • Andreas Antonopoulos - 737k Twitter followers. He focuses on Bitcoin and NFTs
  • Ivan Liljeqvist - 493k YouTube subscribers. He focuses on technological analysis
  • Tone Vays - 285k Twitter followers. He is best known for derivative trading
  • David Lavrov - 98k TraingView followers. He mostly trades Bitcoin
  • Hsaka Trades - 366k Twitter followers. He trades Ether and Bitcoin
  • Josh Rager - 206k Twitter followers. He primarily trades Bitcoin
  • Loma - 275k Twitter followers - Trades spot prices and margins with many different cryptos.
  • Crypto Yoda - 257k Twitter followers. He usually trades trending cryptos.

BitBoy Crypto (Ben Armstrong)


Ben started his YouTube channel in 2018 and since then he has amassed a subscriber base of 1.45 million and 200+ million views. He is one of the most well-trusted and experienced traders when it comes to crypto trading and investing. 

On his channel, we will be able to watch more than 1000 videos with in-studio design and pre-rolled segments. We can expect several uploads a week, where he showcases his deep understanding of technical and fundamental analysis.

Armstrong shares the latest updates on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos. He offers project reviews and gives out a lot of different trading advice.

If YouTube is not your platform of choice, you can find Armstrong on Instagram as well. With a follower count of 471k, he is one of the most influential crypto traders on Instagram as well.

Anthony Pompliano


Anthony Pompilano, simply known as Pomp, is the most famous crypto trader on social media. With 1.6 million Twitter followers, he is a trader everyone should be following.

Pomp didn’t start his career in crypto. He previously worked for Facebook. Here he lead Growth Teams on Facebook Pages and helped to launch many different Facebook products.

We can follow Pomp across many different social media platforms. Alongside his huge Twitter following, Pomp runs his own podcast called the Pomp Podcast, which has been downloaded more than 20 million times. Pomp regularly shares different kinds of information related to crypto trading and prices, with the most famous crypto in his discussions being Bitcoin.

Andreas Antonopoulos


Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the best crypto traders to follow on Twitter. Andreas is a tech entrepreneur and blockchain advocate. He has authored different books where he discussed Bitcoin and the whole crypto market. Our suggestion for newcomers would be to read his book “The Internet of Money”.

He currently boasts a Twitter following of 741k, where he shares many different educational materials and runs two Bitcoin-related podcasts. He tends to dig deep into the technical aspects of cryptos, how to invest in cryptocurrencies and the future of NFTs.

Ivan Liljeqvist


Ivan Liljeqvist runs a very successful YouTube channel called Ivan Tech with more than 493k subscribers. He is famous for breaking down complex and hard-to-comprehend topics into smaller pieces that are easier to understand for newcomers.

Liljeqvist puts a lot of effort into his videos. Whenever he discusses a topic, he does comprehensive research and makes sure the information is of high quality. His videos are generally focused on crypto industry changes that affect market prices. If you are looking for crypto analysis from a technological angle then Ivan Tech is the YouTube channel for you.

Tone Vays


Tone Vays is a successful crypto trader and influencer. He is one of the most experienced derivatives traders on social media. His popularity stretches across different platforms such as YouTube and Twitter. He has over 285k Twitter followers and 121k subscribers on YouTube.

Vays is a fan of the economic freedom and decentralization that cryptocurrencies bring. But he didn’t start his trading career in crypto, before entering the crypto market he worked on Wall Street. He regularly shares news about Bitcoin, discusses what to expect, and what are the best strategies to use in the given state of the market.

David Lavrov


We can not make this list without mentioning an influencer whose main social media platform is TradingView. TradingView is a trading strategy platform that provides analysis and charting tools. Here Lavrov has 98k followers and has shared more than 680 crypto-related posts.

He was the person who predicted and advocated that Bitcoin would go over the 20k mark in 2020. Through his posts, traders will be able to receive information about market states, investing strategies, and the best steps to take right now.

Hsaka Trades


When it comes to Bitcoin and Ethereum trading, Hsaka is the trader to follow. Alongside Bitcoin and Ether, he also shares his insights about some other altcoins from time to time.

Hsaka posts daily on his timeline and gives good trading advice, as well as educational materials. He usually discusses futures, perpetual swaps, and regular spot trading.

Hsaka is not affiliated with any major business or company and this gives him some freedom. He usually shares his insights in the form of memes and funny images, so if you are new to crypto trading you won’t get overwhelmed by complex charts on his timeline and will be greeted by memes.

Josh Rager


With a Twitter following of 206k, Josh Rager is a great trader to follow. He has been helping the community for over three years by sharing tips and market insights.

Josh primarily trades Bitcoin. He discusses many different Bitcoin trading strategies, which ones are working right now, whether you should buy or sell, and many other topics. He is also co-founder of Blackroot, a market update and research platform. 



Most traders who share their insights on social media usually focus on Bitcoin and Ether. Loma is the complete opposite. He tries to shy away from Bitcoin and only discusses it if something really big is happening. He primarily focuses on altcoins and their trading strategies.

He primarily tweets about margin and spot trading and tries to make it beginner-friendly, so newcomers will be able to understand and follow along. He also tells his followers to not follow him blindly and encourages them to also do their own analysis.

Crypto Yoda


Crypto Yoda is another insightful crypto trader you should start following. He does fantastic technical and fundamental analyses and shares them with his followers.

Crypto Yoda does not tend to speculate on the future of the market in the long run and primarily focuses on ongoing trends and hot topics. He discusses why recent trends like ETH 2.0 are trending and how to approach each potential trade.

FAQs About Influential Crypto Traders

Who is the most trusted crypto expert?

There are many trustworthy crypto experts. The most recognized influencer among them is Anthony Pompelino, aka Pomp, as he boasts 1.6 million Twitter followers.

Which social media platform should I use to follow crypto influencers?

If you prefer fast updates then Twitter is the platform to go to. If you prefer more educational and video materials, YouTube will provide you with many crypto influencers with daily uploads.

Is TraderView a good social media platform to follow traders?

TraderView is a good platform for more experienced traders. If you are a newcomer, it might be hard to navigate this platform and follow traders really closely. It also has a small selection of reliable and well-known traders.