Twitter accounts to follow for NFT investors

Twitter accounts to follow for NFT investors

Joining an NFT ecosystem can be confusing and intimidating at first. But fortunately for us, there are several pioneers who are leveraging Twitter and its functions to share news, educate and motivate the community, and help them get accustomed to this new environment.

Twitter’s “Spaces” is probably the main function that attracts so many communities to migrate and gather on the platform. Here people can join spaces where they can listen and contribute to live audio conversations and grow their knowledge.

In this article, we have composed a list of Twitter accounts that every person should be following if they want to be informed of every bit of up-to-date NFT news.

NFT Twitter Accounts With the Most Followers

  • OpenSea - 1.7million followers
  • beeple - 700k followers
  • BoredApeYC - 970k followers
  • Rarible - 480k followers



OpenSea is the world's largest NFT marketplace. Their Twitter account is something that everyone in the NFT community should be following. Alongside receiving updates on the NFT market, such as upcoming events, and releases of different interesting projects and collections, they also focus on educating people about everything NFT-related. 

With educational materials, you will also find warnings about safety on OpenSea's Twitter account. This helps to spread awareness among the community members and helps them with safety.

“if you own at least one NFT, that's a lot” - OpenSea



We mentioned that Twitter Spaces is one of the best places to interact with community members and receive news. OhhShiny is a creator who takes full advantage of this Twitter function. He is the host of the OhShiny Show where he discusses everything NFT and metaverse related. On his shows, you will find guest appearances of the best and brightest minds in the NFT world.

Community Office Hours is one of the best parts of his show. Every Friday at 11 am ET he hosts a Twitter Space where he highlights creators and projects who are doing something interesting and innovative but also gives suggestions and ideas to improve their projects.

“You think that a high floor price on your NFT collection will help it succeed when you should be focusing on high community engagement instead.” - OhhShiny



beeple is another creator that every NFT enthusiast should be following. He has sold many different NFTs for over a million dollars. Everydays - First 5000 Days is one of his works, which last year become the first purely digital work that was sold by the famous auction house Christie’s for $69 million. 

On his Twitter account, he shares updates on his projects, as well as his opinions on other projects and current affairs in the NFT space.

“was on CNBC this morning to talk about the sale and what it means for digital art and NFT's in general  👍👍👍” - beeple

Ty Smith

Ty Smith.png

Ty Smith is the managing director of Coinbound, a marketing agency that operates in Wbe3. His agency has represented some of the biggest NFT projects and brands. Visiting his Twitter account will give us opportunities to receive huge information about NFTs.

Smith doesn’t tend to talk too much about individual projects and usually discusses the whole NFT ecosystem. He discusses current market affairs, how NFTs fit into the bigger picture, what to expect, and other similar topics.

“IMO $300-400 is the best price for an NFT” - Ty Smith



Even if you are new to NFTs, it is most likely that you have heard of Board Ape Yacht Club, or at least have seen their NFTs as there were many celebrities rocking their NFTs as their profile pictures on social media. 

This is one of the most successful projects in the NFT world, and not following them would mean missing out. Here you will get constant updates on both ongoing and upcoming projects. If you are thinking of investing in NFTs, this is one of the best projects to do so, and following them would be a good start in getting to know them.

“Building a strong community for all Ape lovers!Welcome to join another BAYC!!!People's #BAYC #skateboard #NFT #boardape #boredape Make Ape Great Again!!!” - BoardApeYC

Gary Vee


For many, an introduction to Gary Vee might not be needed, but for those who are unfamiliar with Vee, he is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and internet personality discussing everything NFT-related. Even launched his own NFT project VeeFriends.

Other than launching his own projects. Gary Vee constantly tries to educate the public about everything NFT-related. He frequently communicates with his communities on Twitter and YouTube. He is also a familiar guest on the NFT.NYC forums.

“No more NFL for me .. so I will focus on NFT tomorrow”  - Gary Vee



NFT.NYC is an NFT conference dedicated to NFT enthusiasts. They are the biggest NFT conference in the world, taking over spaces such as Times Square NYC.

NFT.NYC is not just a conference. Their Twitter feed is filled with tons of great content. They constantly share news, and the latest NFT developments, and even launch their own NFT projects. Just recently they announced their upcoming NFT project, The NFT.NYC 2022 Diversity of NFTs Art Collection. Within this project, they will display some of the works in Time Square, with some of them being able to be minted.

“Fascinating talk by @julesonthedaily - NFTs and the digital identity: Human Genius or Artificial Intelligence #NFTNYC2023” - NFT.NYC



Another NFT marketplace that makes our list. Rarible is one of the biggest NFT marketplaces in the world. Their Twitter account is also a great place to visit for those who want to be informed on a wide array of topics related to NFTs.

On their Twitter page, you will find information about the platform itself, current trends and news in the NFT space, and plans for the future. They also like to promote NFT projects that they find interest in.

“Gm! Raise your hand if you're at NFT NYC this week 🙋‍♀️” -  Rarible 

Space Cowboy


Space Cowboy might not have a big following on its Twitter account, but it will not hurt anyone if they drop a follow and keep an eye on Space Cowboy’s feed. 

They share a huge range of information about everything NFT-related. They share news on current market states, and NFT projects that might be the next big things, and he also has the reputation of helping people protect their assets by sharing scams and shady projects. Most notably, mentioning that Instagram accounts with 1.7 million followers, which were owned by Mark Cuban, was promoting shady NFT projects.

"NFT collecting is a full time job" - Space Cowboy

FAQs on Twitter Accounts to Follow for NFT Investors

How do I find the best NFT projects

Twitter is a place that many visitors head to in order to receive information about the best NFT projects. There are many different digital platforms where we can find NFT projects, but using Twitter gives you the opportunity to create an interesting and informative feed and receive updates in a fast manner.

Why should I use Twitter for NFT info

Using Twitter is the best way to get accustomed to NFTs. Here you will be able to receive different news and educational material, join communities and learn more about individual projects. There are also NFT giveaways taking place on Twitter every day.

Can I promote my NFTs on Twitter

If you are looking to put your NFTs in the spotlight, Twitter is the place for you. Twitter has really great discoverability features, it tends to promote small creators by suggesting their tweets to users who follow accounts that focus on the same topics.