FundedBull Forex Prop Firm Review - $49 for $5,000 and traders love it!
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2 July 2024
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2 July 2024
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FundedBull Forex Prop Firm Review - $49 for $5,000 and traders love it!
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Written on:
2 July 2024
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2 July 2024
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Main summary

FundedBull is a Forex proprietary trading firm that offers traders fund accounts to share profits. The firm has a 90% profit sharing, meaning traders can withdraw 90% of profits generated on funded accounts. Funded accounts are fully funded with the firm’s capital and allow traders near risk-free trading opportunities as traders are not liable for losses on these funded accounts. 

FundedBull is a young prop firm, which aims to stay in the game for the long run. 

In our FundedBull review, we are going to discuss the firm’s critical features such as safety, funding options, fees, rules, platforms, support, and more. 

Pros & cons of FundedBull prop firm:

  • Positive online trader reviews
  • Very low one-time fees from $49
  • Low minimum funding suitable for beginners ($5,000)
  • High maximum funding options reaching $250,000
  • Multiple trading platforms including DXTrade, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader, and Match-Trader
  • Low profit target of 6%
  • High profit sharing at 90%
  • Young firm

FundedBull Fact sheet

Main features
Regulations Unregulated
Fees on deposits -
Fees on withdrawal -
Inactivity fees -
Minimum deposit 49
Minimum account activation -
Number of available assets -
Leverage up to 1:50
Available trading markets Forex, Commodities, Indices, Cryptocurrencies
Account currencies -
Demo account Yes
Live account types -
Islamic account Yes
Negative balance protection Yes
Part of compensation fund Yes
Keeps funds on segregated bank account Yes
Forex 10
Cryptocurrencies 8
Indices 14
Commodities 9
Total 40
Fees & spread
Forex -
Shares -
Cryptocurrencies -
Indices -
Commodities -
Platforms MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, C
Mobile trading support Yes
Mac device support Yes
Commodities Yes
Payment systems
Payment methods -
Minimum deposit -
Minimum withdrawal -
Withdrawal processing time -
Time to open an account -
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Safety & Security of FundedBull

FundedBull is a young prop firm but it has so many positive online reviews by traders we firmly assume it is a legit prop firm that is focused on delivering. The firm mentions that it was launched by industry experts with prop trading experience and aims to help new traders find a reliable partner while attracting experienced traders with diverse funded options and scaling plans. The firm also has liquidity provers and regulated brokers as partners ensuring a safe trading environment with high-quality price data. The support is responsive and their representatives were polite and well-trained when we tried to get some details about the firm and its services. Overall, FundedBull seems a legit and reliable firm that offers value to both beginners and seasoned traders with multilingual support and diverse trading platforms.
Since the firm trades with its own capital, it does not need to provide negative balance protection and offers traders risk-free trading as prop traders are not liable for losses in their funded accounts. 

fundedbull home page

Funded Account types available for traders on FundedBull

Funded Account types available for traders on FundedBull 

There are three funded account options offered at FundedBull each of them aimed at a different trading experience. The 1-step evaluation is the fastest way to get funded after hitting the profit target. The 2-step account has two different phases to pass and the 3-step evaluation has 3 evaluation phases. The funding options range from 5k to 250k and offer very flexible options in between including 10k, 25k, 50k, and 100k USD. 

Pros & cons of FundedBull Funded account types

Diverse choice of trading accountsAverage daily risk limit of 4%
Wide range of funded options from 5k to 250k 
Offers beginner-friendly funded challenges as well 

FundedBull Rules and Limitations

FundedBull rules are simple and few. Traders need to limit their daily and overall losses to ensure the firm’s capital is protected from irresponsible trading. Depending on the account type, the rules are slightly different. For example, the 1-step account has a 3% daily risk limit, a 6% maximum drawdown limit, and a 9% profit target. Minimum trading days are 5 and maximum leverage is capped at 1:50 for all funded accounts. The 2-step account has a 4% daily risk limit, an 8% maximum drawdown, and an 8% profit target. The 3-step account which is best suited for beginners has the easiest rules including a 4% daily risk limit, a 7% overall drawdown, and only a 6% profit target which is the lowest among prop firms.

Fees & commissions review of FundedBull 

Trading fees are an important aspect of FX trading where high spreads and commissions can render even profitable strategies useless. Let’s analyze and compare FundedBull fees with popular brokers. 

ForexFrom 0 pips
CommoditiesFrom 0.2 pips
CryptocurrenciesFrom 1 pip
IndicesFrom 1 pip

Comparing FundedBull fees with other brokers

FundedBull fees compared to Interactive Brokers fees

Type of FeeFundedBull Interactive Brokers
EUR/USD SpreadFrom 0 pipsFrom 0.6
Fees on Deposits$01%
Inactivity fee$0No*

*Inactivity fee was eliminated by IB in 2021, it used to be $20/m

FundedBull fees compared to CM Trading fees

Type of FeeFundedBull CM Trading
EUR/USD SpreadFrom 0 pipsFrom 0.9 pips
Fees on Deposits$0No
Inactivity fee$0Yes, 15 EUR/USD per month after 60 days of inactivity

FundedBull fees compared to plus500 fees

Type of FeeFundedBull plus500
EUR/USD SpreadFrom 0 pipsFrom 0.8 pips
Fees on Deposits$0No
Inactivity fee$0Yes, 10 USD per month after 3 months of inactivity

FundedBull fees compared to XM fees

Type of FeeFundedBull XM
EUR/USD SpreadFrom 0 pipsFrom 0.6
Fees on Deposits$0No
Inactivity fee$0Yes, 15 USD after 12 months, +5 USD/m

FundedBull fees compared to AvaTrade fees

Type of FeeFundedBull AvaTrade
EUR/USD SpreadFrom 0 pipsFrom 0.9
Fees on Deposits$0No
Inactivity fee$0Yes, 50 USD after 3 months, 100 USD administration fee after a year

FundedBull fees compared to fees

Type of FeeFundedBull
EUR/USD SpreadFrom 0 pipsFrom 0.9
Fees on Deposits$0No
Inactivity fee$0Yes, 50 USD after 3 months, 100 USD administration fee after a year

Trading platforms and mobile trading reviewed at FundedBull

FundedBull offers multiple advanced trading platforms including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader, Match-Trader, and DXTrade. These platforms offer comprehensive technical analysis capabilities with built-in economic calendars which is very useful to conduct a full analysis from one platform. All platforms are available for mobile devices as well ensuring traders can access their funded accounts on the go. The website is also mobile-friendly and allows traders to use smartphones as their main trading platform.

Education and research tools offered by FundedBull

FundedBull provides educational resources to beginner prop traders who want to become consistently profitable while operating funded accounts. The firm has a wide range of educational content and trading courses allowing novices to become experts and get real funded accounts in a reasonable amount of time. 

Customer support of FundedBull

FundedBull offers multilingual support and a website. The support channels are also diverse and include live chat and email to quickly connect with the firm’s representatives and get help. The live chat is the most efficient and FundedBull has responsive and well-trained personnel with average response time in seconds, which we tested during our evaluation. 


FundedBull stands out as a very promising Forex prop firm that offers a 90% profit sharing, allowing traders to keep a significant portion of their profits. The firm has low fees from 49 dollars on 5k accounts making it one of the most affordable and beginner-friendly firms out there. The firm also offers diverse trading platforms and up to 1:50 leverage allowing consistent traders to maximize their profits. Traders at all levels can find suitable FundedBull funded programs as the firm has three different funded types including 1-step, 2-step, and 3-step programs. FundedBull’s diverse educational resources and responsive customer support further enhance the firm’s legitimacy. Despite being young, FundedBull has managed to amass very positive reviews from traders which is very crucial. 

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FAQs about FundedBull

Is FundedBull a good prop firm?

Yes, FundedBull is a young prop firm that offers prop trading accounts from $49 one-time fees for $5k funded and has positive online reviews from traders. 

What is profit-sharing at FundedBull?

FundedBull has a 90% profit-sharing for all funded options at all times, no additional costs are required.

Which platforms are available with FundedBull?

FundedBull allows traders to access diverse platforms including DXTrade, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader, and Match-Trader.