Welcome to investfox, your new money buddy!

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Written on:
29 June 2022
Last edit:
6 February 2023

It is with great pleasure that I announce the grand opening of investfox.com for everyone. 

Hereby I would like to describe how it all got started, tell more about the direction where we are going with investfox website, and give a few kind words of appreciation to all the team members involved in launching the project. 

How was investfox born? 

Before starting with the project, me and most of the team had already had years of experience developing websites within the online trading vertical. These websites carry little-to-no value for the users and usually act as a certain gateway between the search engine and the brokerage. 

When making the plans for the year 2022, we thought of adding more financial websites into our portfolio. And thus we began the research. We were seeking websites that could inspire us. But surprisingly, we simply could not encounter any product that was worth copying and outranking. The vast majority of the investment-focused websites were no different from our previous works.

This is where the idea became obvious to us - we need to redefine the shopping experience for investment companies and opportunities. 

It is actually very simple. One needs to allocate a large portion of his time and money to invest successfully. Finding a brokerage that operates transparently and properly is already a heck of a deal. But does it really have to be that difficult?

When trying to avoid wasting 1.5 hours on a silly movie, I can look up IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes ratings and quickly understand whether a certain movie is worth my attention. 

When booking a hotel online, I can dig through dozens of legitimate reviews, filter them by the review scores and types, and easily understand whether a certain hotel or resort checks my boxes. 

This is when we decided to combine authentic user feedback with our expert opinions on the investment companies, to deliver our users the ultimate experience of finding trusted investment companies online. 

Yet we decided not to stop there, and offer a vast knowledge base that would help every newcomer to the world of trading and investments to accommodate quick and easy. 

Where is investfox heading? 

What we are seeing today is just the beginning of the project. It is pretty much a soft launch, as we want to test things better in the live environment. Currently, investfox is composed of a few broker reviews and dozens of educational content pieces. Yet we are on our way of making the investment industry transparent once and for all. 

Within the year 2022 we plan to provide:

  • User registration
  • User reviews
  • Automated broker comparison tools
  • Broker finder quiz
  • Extensive broker sorting and filtration tools
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Something which will be a huge surprise, no hints :)
  • Localisation of the project in numerous languages, first priority is Spanish 
  • Broker area

Thanks to everyone for letting investfox shine!

While the project may look pretty much raw and unfinished at the moment, it is actually the result of some great efforts of very smart people. So far it took us over 10,000 lines of code, 500,000 words of content, 1,000 illustrations and countless project management hours to simply get the first version of investfox live. I would like to express lots of gratitude to everyone involved in investfox for their efforts, creativity and simply doing whatever it takes to bring the project to life in under 6 months.