User reviews are now open for business

Written on:
7 February 2023
Last edit:
26 June 2023

We here at investfox are proud to announce the launch of our user review section. This long-awaited addition to the site provides a platform for investment enthusiasts the world over to share their experiences with various brokers and help others to make informed decisions before delving into the world of financial investment.

In order to start using this new and exciting feature, head over to the top right corner of the website’s main bar and click on the little image of a head and shoulders.


In this section, you will be able to create an account. Once this is done, users can log in and leave their feedback on broker reviews as they browse the site. The feedback will be moderated for quality and authenticity to ensure the trustworthiness of the reviews and to avoid any paid reviews from pushing in.

Users are able to rate the different aspects of each broker based on their experience, providing some valuable insights into a broker's strengths and weaknesses. The ratings are all added together and displayed on the broker review page, giving a clear overview of the broker's overall performance.

As our entire aim is to bring transparency and honesty to the investment sector, the addition of user reviews is a significant step in the right direction and we hope that this new feature will add value to your investment journey.

What is next on the agenda? 

We are working hard to make the user review section as easy to navigate and streamlined as possible, and in the coming weeks will be focused on this task. Other than that we are working on the launch of investfox in another language, this time Malay, so keep an eye out for that.