investfox is now ready for user registration

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Written on:
4 April 2023
Last edit:
4 April 2023

investfox has been expanding rapidly over the last year and has now reached the stage where users can register an account to start rating brokers.


This latest addition to the site will allow users to start setting up their accounts and allow them to start reviewing their experience with different brokers. The account setup process simply requires an email address that will receive a link for account verification, and setting up a username and password. The user login/signup area is located at the top right corner of the investfox website.

What is already available?

While this is just the first step in implementing the ecosystem that is being developed to allow users to voice their experiences and bring some much-needed transparency to the investment industry, a lot more is slowly being unpacked every day.

With the current setup, users will already be able to create an account, log in, and while reading the expert reviews that are on the site, leave their feedback. This can be done by clicking the “Leave a review” button at the bottom of any review.


Once you start your review things are clean cut and the system will ask you several general and specific questions to get a clear idea of your experience with each aspect of the broker. For those who don’t want to disclose too much info about their trading activity, there is the option of skipping certain questions. All the collected data is used to create an average user review score to give a clear idea of what the client experience is like.


Benefits to come

User registration is now already active along with the ability to start leaving reviews, but what comes next? The investfox team is hard at work adding and refining things, so users will soon also have access to the following features:

  • Exclusive promotions
  • Comments on the content
  • Members only content

This is by no means the end of the list of things to come and users can look forward to even more interesting additions in the future.

For now, heading to the registration page and signing up is the first step to becoming a part of this growing community.