Our reviews upgraded with labels for greater transparency and easier selection

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Written on:
22 February 2023
Last edit:
22 February 2023

investfox, a leading platform for expert reviews of FX brokerage companies, has recently introduced labels to provide greater transparency and facilitate easier selection for traders. These labels include:

  • Sponsored
  • Top Choice
  • Recommended
  • Warning
  • Blacklisted

What do these labels mean?

The idea behind the labels is to shed more light about the way we commercialize ratings, hence to increase the transparency, and also to make the select process of a brokerage a bit easier. 

Sponsored Label


The sponsored label is used for brokerages that have compensated investfox to be included on the top of the rankings. Alternatively, the Sponsored label may also be used for brokers with whom Investfox has a lucrative commercial partnership. While a sponsored brokerage may be shown higher in the listings, its rating will not be affected by the label as we always stick to our methodology and give ratings based on the features like regulations and fees. 

Top Choice and Recommended Labels

These labels are given by investfox's team of experts to companies that consistently provide excellent services or services that deserve a recommendation.

Warning Label

The warning label is used to notify users of potential issues with a brokerage, such as regulatory or operational difficulties. However, the warning label does not affect the broker's position in the rankings.

Blacklisted Label

The blacklisted label is given to brokerages that Investfox no longer wishes to promote or recommend. Being labeled as blacklisted automatically lands the brokerage at the bottom of investfox's ratings. This label is typically given to a company that has demonstrated serious misconduct to its clients or affiliates or has closed its affiliate program.

investfox team hopes that the introduction of labels in its Forex broker reviews will be useful for its audience and help users select an appropriate trading partner with greater ease. With these labels, investfox aims to provide greater transparency and more information to help traders make informed decisions.