investfox gets supercharged with powerful filters

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Written on:
30 August 2022
Last edit:
6 February 2023

At investfox, our core mission is to deliver unbiased expert reviews of investment companies. And while our editorial team is doing a great job collecting the data and rating the brokers on 8 different dimensions via analyzing over 100 endpoints, it still might be challenging for some users to select the brokers that tick their boxes. 

We obviously understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when selecting a company you can trust with your investments, hence we have just released the filtering and sorting tools for our FX broker reviews.


How do these tools work?

Currently, our filtering engine lets you select the brokers over the following criteria:

  • License (Country)
  • Platforms (Type of trading software)
  • Instruments (Type of tradable assets)
  • Funding (Available methods for depositing and withdrawing) 
  • Leverage (A slider that lets you navigate through the minimum and maximum available leverage) 

We have decided to use a regulating country rather than a governing body to simplify the user experience, as many newcomers to trading may not be aware of the terms and abbreviations like the FSCA, but are certainly looking for a brokerage that is regulated in their country, South Africa in this instance. 

Platforms, Instruments and Funding fields are pretty much self-explanatory - these fields list the possible software, assets and funding options available. 

Leverage filter is done as a slider that lets our users weed out the brokers that set certain restrictions as to how much you can gear up when trading. 

And once you have your filters set, investfox also gives you an option to sort the results based on a few factors:

  • Broker rating (from the best to worst, and from worst to best)
  • Review date (newest and oldest)
  • Alphabetically (by name) 

Always find results with investfox filters

Have you ever been spending some time setting your filters up just to find out that there are no options that meet your needs? Well, with investfox it is never a case. 

We use technology that always matches you with the brokers simply by eliminating the options that return no results. 

Let’s put it into an example. Imagine you are looking for a broker that lets you handle your money operations via the Skrill payment system, offers MetaTrader 4, provides access to cryptocurrency trading, and caps the leverage at 1:659.


Then the available License options will be limited only to the counties that match the Platforms, Instruments, Funding, and Leverage filters that you selected. In other words, you are not offered Germany as an option for the licensing country, because you will simply get no matching brokers. 

Known bugs and issues

Currently, there is one minor bug associated with investfox filters. When filtering the brokers, the system checks each of the broker’s fact sheets, and lists the available options at the drop down selectors. However, we noticed that some entries are duplicated. 

As you can see on the screen above, we have duplicate values for Cyprus and Cyprus (CySEC), South Africa and South Africa (FSCA), UK and UK (FCA). 

What this means is selecting South Africa will return one set of the results, and selecting South Africa (FSCA) will return a different set of the results. 

Our development support team is currently tackling this issue by unifying the data entered into the brokers’ fact sheets, and it is likely to be resolved in the coming week. 

Known limitations

At the moment, investfox filtrating tool only supports a single item in each of the fields. It does not work with the operators like “and” or “or”. This means that you can only select the brokers that are regulated in a single country, for example, South Africa. However, you may set the filter to return the brokers that are regulated in Poland or Australia, or Poland and Australia.

We are not planning to enable multiple selection options for the filtering tool, yet we are thinking how the search process for a broker can be simplified for users. Perhaps we will add another option for a Licensing filter. For example, we can add the EU, an option that will nest all the EU-member states and will make the process of selecting an EU-regulated broker easier. Next to this, we may add an operating system in our Platforms field - e.g. Windows, Mac, or Web. This should let the rookies select a compatible broker easier. 

Thanks for your time, and we will be in touch soon with more exciting additions to investfox :)