investfox just became available in Thai

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Written on:
16 January 2023
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16 January 2023

Today we are pleased to announce that investfox has just become available for Thai traders and learners in their native language. The Thai version of investfox currently consists of the FX broker reviews and top-rated FX broker rating pages, as well as most of the read pieces from our educational section

Online Forex trading has been legal in Thailand since 2017, and the provision of the trading services is overseen by the Bank of Thailand and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (SEC Thailand). Thailand boasts a population of over 69 million individuals and a continuously growing number of FX traders. This has led to the emergence of a huge number of unreputable offshore FX brokers that offer trading services that are often fraudulent and push these onto the local population. As the Thai government continues encouraging financial education, the need for trustworthy information and resources in the FX industry is increasing. With investfox, traders in Thailand can access precise up-to-date information on various FX brokers and financial educational material, allowing them to make well-informed investment decisions.

What is the next milestone? 

Currently, our team is working hard to enable more languages and investfox will be available in Malay within the next few weeks. Besides that, we have already started preparing the Spanish version of the website that is going to cater to South and Central American traders.