investfox just became available in Indonesian

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Written on:
25 November 2022
Last edit:
6 December 2022

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing that investfox is now available in the Indonesian language of bahasa Indonesia. Today we launched a raw version of the website, where the UI elements are translated into bahasa Indonesia, and some of our core content pieces (e.g. top-rated broker reviews) are translated as well. Within the coming two weeks we will be uploading the local version of our Educational library, as well as adapting the best FX broker page for our Indonesian readers and enabling the comparison feature as well.

Right now you can already navigate to the upper right corner and choose between English and Indonesian as your language of choice. 

The Republic of Indonesia is home to over 250 million people and nearly a million FX traders. Since the local authorization of the Financial Services Authority of Indonesia is simply recommended and not yet enforced, this means that nearly any company is allowed to offer access to the financial markets to the local population. This inevitably leads to many scams and frauds. Since the main goal of investfox is to provide genuine reviews to mitigate the risks of fraud within the investment space, we can proudly say that, with investfox’s help, the whole financial industry in Indonesia is about to become a much more trusted space.

Besides the obvious need for a trusted source of investment company reviews in Indonesia, another reason for launching in the Indonesian language as the first localized version of investfox was purely operational. At investfox, we are always sourcing global talent and we are happy to be partnered with Burhan Tadjuddin, a true industry veteran with over a decade of experience managing local operations of FX brokers in Indonesia. With Burhan’s experience, we expect investfox to become the leading source of financial trading knowledge in the country. 

What are the next languages? 

Since bahasa Indonesia and bahasa Malaysia share many similarities, we will be launching a Malaysian version of investfox later this year. Besides that, we also see an urgent need for investfox to launch localized versions of the site in more South-East Asia languages, hence we have a Thai version of the site in the pipeline.