How to buy Meta shares?

How to buy Meta shares?

Meta Inc. formerly known as Facebook is one of the most trending companies of our age. They have been involved with several global news events. These include issues over personal information privacy, announcing the creation of the Metaverse, and more.

These events featured in headlines around the world and Meta stocks became a main point of interest for many investors.

Stock investors around the world have different opinions about the future of this company, and the most optimistic of them is expecting a spike in the Meta Inc. stock price due to the newly introduced Metaverse.


How to Buy Stocks in Meta?

If you bet on the growing future of Meta and want to invest in Meta stocks, there are a few steps you need to take to find a reliable broker that can help you access the stock exchange market where you can buy these stocks.

Researching the right broker

Meta Inc. stocks are traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange market, and in order to buy and sell these stocks, you need to have access to the stock market. 

There are many brokerage companies that work in different financial markets. However, not all brokerage companies are reliable, and you need to do some research in order to find the right brokers. The right financial broker means a broker that is licensed and regulated and is not involved in any scam activities.

There are some important things that you need to look for in a reliable broker. The main ones are regulatory licenses, payment methods they accept, availability of markets, and ensuring that your country of residence is not on any banned countries list.

Having a license is the first thing that you need to find in a broker. There are several regulatory authorities that put some rules on the brokers’ behavior, such as FCA, FSCA, and CySEC licenses.

The next step to successfully trade in Meta stocks is to make sure that the payment methods are suitable for you. Whether you prefer using credit/debit cards, e-wallets, crypto wallets, or wire transfers, you need to make sure that the broker accepts your preferred payment method.

Nowadays, the majority of brokers accept most of these ways of making payments. However, each method might be subject to a different commission fee.

In addition, there are different processing times and transaction limits between these payment methods, and it is common to select the method that provides the fastest processing time with the lowest fees in order to execute market orders as soon and as cheaply as possible.

Then, you need to make sure the broker offers stock trading as part of the services provided, specifically Meta Inc. shares, so you can start buying and selling shares.

Registration with the broker

After you have decided where you can buy stock in Meta, you need to open your trading account by registering at the broker’s website.

The registration process on most brokers’ websites is simple and similar to any other registration you might have done in the past. You need to insert your personal information and verify the account via the link sent to your email, or the code sent to your phone. Regulated brokers need to adhere to certain KYC (know your client) rules, which means that you might have quite a bit of information to fill in.

The only other difference when signing up to a broker as opposed to some other site is that you will be asked some questions about your experience in trading and why you are trading. This is a way for the broker to know more about your level of expertise and your expectations.

In addition to that, you will be asked to submit proof of identity and proof of address, which is the normal process for verifying the trader’s identity. This is another requisite for regulated brokers, as it aims to ensure that the website is clean from financial criminals.

This additional verification process takes a few minutes, or hours in some cases, once it is confirmed you will be notified that you will be ready to start adding money to trade.

You can register and start trading at ease using one of the following reliable brokers

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Adding funds to your account

Now, your account is ready, and you can start investing in Meta. Well, you first need to add some funds. So choose the payment method that is suitable for you and transfer some cash.

You need to be aware of the minimum deposit required by the broker. If the price of one stock is less than the minimum deposit allowed, you will need to deposit more than the price of a single share.

By Dec 1st, 2021, the price of Meta stock was $310, so if the broker’s minimum deposit allowed is $200, you will be fine adding the exact amount to be able to buy a single stock. However, some brokers require a higher minimum deposit such as $500 and in this case, you will need to comply with whatever the broker requires.

If you are looking to add funds and start trading immediately, credit/debit cards and crypto wallets are usually the fastest way to deposit money, the processing time is usually instant or just takes a few minutes. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more secure way to transfer your funds, wire transfers are considered the safest, but it can take up to 7 business days to get your funds delivered to your trading account and wire transfers are usually the most expensive form of payment.

Buying Meta Shares

Now that your capital is ready, you may go ahead and buy shares. Meta Inc. As Meta has been facing a great many difficulties of late, the stock price is currently a little below $100 per share, so if you deposit $1,000 you might be able to buy 10 shares.

Beginners are usually recommended to buy a single stock, and observe the stock price movement. If there is an opportunity, you can buy more market positions to amplify your gains.

Be careful not to get overly excited and buy shares right away as soon as your funds are ready. If the trend is moving upward it might be a good opportunity to buy stocks, and if the price trend is declining, it is better to wait.

Do your research before investing in anything. If the current Meta stock price is not favorable, you can set a “buy option” to make the system buy your trading position whenever the stock price hits a level that you think is good. 

Keep track of your Meta investment

After you purchase Meta shares, you need to keep your eyes on your investment because you will be one decision away from making profits, or from losing your money.

There are several tools built into the trading software that you can use to avoid being surprised by any unexpected price movement.

Stop-loss and take-profit orders are tools that you can set in the trading platform, this way you can set boundaries that comply with your risk/reward strategy.

Ideally, you are looking to buy the stock, wait for the stock price to increase, then sell it in order to gain the difference in profit. However, the price might not always move in a favorable direction, and you might need to be patient and focus on the longer term.

In addition to that, you need to stay updated on news and global events, because a single event can affect the stock price, and you don’t want to miss that.

For example, in October 2021, a whistleblower pointed out some privacy-related concerns, which raised negative speculations around the stock price of Meta, dragging the stock price down by 5% in 3 days only.

At the same time, an announcement by the company’s CEO that they will be launching the Metaverse was considered revolutionary by many. This announcement could have a positive impact on the company's stock price if the project is successful.

Is Meta a Good Stock to Buy?


Meta stock has been controversial, to say the least. Almost every move the company makes finds its way to the news headlines, making its stock price very vulnerable to fluctuations.

The question is, do we believe that Meta is a good company to invest in? Well, maybe. At the moment they are not looking too hot as their stock price has dropped by around 70% in the last year. After the privacy policy debacle, Apple's privacy changes that pretty much destroyed Facebook's ad business, and recent fears over a coming recession, the company is on a very uncertain footing.

As users and investors flee from the Meta brand their only hope seems to rest in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse


In October 2021, Meta Inc. CEO announced the Metaverse, which is a developed virtual reality world where you can go to work, attend meetings, go to concerts and live your life in a totally virtual world.

Some investors believe that Facebook is a good stock for 2022 because this is going to be a revolutionary technology, while others consider the $15 billion that Meta has so far spent on this project to be money flushed down the drain.

The buzz around the Metaverse gave it some momentum to start with, and Meta's aim was to have 500,000 users by the end of 2022. Now as we near the end of the year, the company is struggling to even break the 200,000 user barrier, and according to a report by the Wall Street Journal, most people abandoned the platform after just one month never to return.

So it might be better to watch this stock for a while before deciding to buy in.

Scandalous lawsuits


The company has faced several lawsuits. In 2018, the CEO was summoned by the US congress to answer for some questionable privacy-related practices that were conducted by the company.

In Dec 2020 the company was also sued for antitrust violations, and claims were made that the company was creating a monopoly that hurts fair competition in the market. This lawsuit was refiled again in 2021 and 46 American states have called to refile again in 2022.

The repetitive lawsuit and cases against Meta might indicate that the stock price is in danger and that investors will start pulling away from Meta stocks.

In fact, the stock price was not affected by all these events. In the 2020 case, the stock price remained the same, while in the 2021 case Meta's stock price increased by around 10%.

This just goes to show that even bad news can give a boost to the stock price.

Apple system update


The introduction of a new system update by Apple has had a drastic impact on the stock price of Meta.

The Apple Corporation launched a new system update that enables iOS users to limit the personalized advertisements they receive through Facebook. Users would then see fewer targeted ads, leading to fewer sales for the advertisers, which in turn made Facebook a less viable platform to advertise on. This caused the stock price to drop by 10% in just one month.

FAQ on Buying Meta Shares

Can I invest in the Metaverse?

Yes. Meta Inc. stocks are publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, and you can buy Meta shares online. You need to find a broker that offers stock trading and that allows you to buy Meta Inc. stocks.

How do I buy shares in Facebook?

Meta Inc. is the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, Metaverse, WhatsApp, and many more. So by investing in Meta you will automatically be investing in all the companies that fall under the meta banner.

How high will the Meta stock go?

The stock price relies entirely on how well the company is doing and the market sentiment surrounding it. At present, Meta is on a downward spiral and it seems that the success of the Metaverse might be its only remaining hope.

Is Facebook a hold or sell?

It is very hard to say at this point in time. Over the last year, Meta's market cap went from over 1 trillion USD  to less than 270 billion USD.  For now, it might be better to avoid speculating about where the stock might be heading.