5 biggest stock gainers of all time

5 biggest stock gainers of all time

Stock gainers always change over time, however, there are a few ones that have been considered the best throughout the past 3 decades.

It will be useful for you to read this article if you are looking to choose which stocks to invest in. In this article, we are going to describe the biggest stock gainers according to the data.

First, let’s see what a stock gainer is and how this term is defined. Briefly, it means the percentage of the company’s growth from its creation until now. 

Picking which stock to invest in can be quite challenging and might require some profound research. Besides, you should stay tuned for market updates and always try to be the first one to learn the news. Along with that, a lot depends on whether you are a short or a long-term investor.

The biggest gainers we are going to discuss in this article will give you some insights into how to identify potential, how to spot good-performing stocks, and which are worth investing in.

1. Amazon.com 

Since e-commerce skyrocketed in recent years and online shopping has replaced traditional stores more and more, especially following the Covid-19 pandemic, it is absolutely logical that Amazon appears on the list of the biggest stock gainers of all time. Established in 1997, Amazon has generated a total return of 212,922%, and since then, it has never ceased to grow its profit from year to year. A $10,000 stake in this company’s shares 25 years ago would now be worth around $21.3 million, which is the highest total return, compared to any other stock in the past 30 years.

2. Monster Beverage Corp


It might sound unexpected, but Monster Beverage has been a real success in generating a total return, which was 212,468%, second only to Amazon. Starting as a fruit juice company, and switching to iced tea and natural sodas later, Monster Beverage Corp ended up producing a trend for caffeinated beverages. Sales have grown from $92 million in 2002 to more than $2 billion in 2012. The average annual return generated by its shares since its creation in 1995 has been around 35.4%. Meaning, that $10,000 invested in Monster Beverage stock back in 1995 would now be worth more than $21.2 million.

3. Altria Group Inc.


Global tobacco manufacturer Altria Group might come as another less-expected corporation that has faced outstanding growth in the price of its stocks. Established in 1985, it was operating under the name of Phillip Morris until 2003 and was not that successful from the beginning. However, after adopting the name Altria, its stock has gained 61,599% in overall value, with a 23.9% average annual return, regardless of all the pressure and restrictions on the tobacco industry. Meaning we could have $6.2 million today if we had invested $10,000 in Altria's shares 2 decades ago. 

Unfortunately, Altria Group has not maintained that speed until today, as its shares went down by 14% in 2020. This happened due to lingering public health concerns over the safety of vaping and legal challenges coming from the Federal Trade Commission. Nowadays, due to the high demand on the market, Altria Group happens to produce e-cigarettes called IQOS. 

4. Tractor Supply Co. (TSCO)


Even though Tractor Supply Co. focuses on a very specific niche, over the past 20 years the company has generated a total return of 45,750%. Tractor Supply is a retail store, offering its product to individuals whose primary occupation is not farming, in other words, to the people who do farming as a hobby or a lifestyle. For that reason, it is worth noting that the company has managed to grow significantly by targeting this very specific market and to have one of the biggest share gains in history. The stock price today of Tractor Supply Co. is $195.36. And it continues to operate successfully, regardless of the Covid-19 pandemic.

5. UnitedHealth Group (UNH)


UnitedHealth Group was founded in 1991 and is one of the most significant health insurance providers in the USA. Over the past 3 decades, it has generated a total return of 63,395% and continues to grow the value of its shares even today as they have more than doubled the total return since 2015. A $10,000 investment in UnitedHealth shares 30 years ago would be worth around $6.3 million today.


To summarize, we could see that the industries being the biggest stock gainers may vary, and every business has an equal chance to increase their annual return and make their stock prices go higher from year to year. The easiest way to discover the best-performing stock is to compare how much each invested dollar on the day of its creation could bring today. However, each of the companies listed above has been significant for their history in their fields. For example, Monster created a trend for caffeinated beverages, which are not recommended for children, pregnant women, and people sensitive to caffeine. Tractor Supply Co. supplied the growing number of hobbyist farmers, which is quite a specific market and thus risky to start with, but eventually, it paid off. 

FAQ on 5 Best Stock Gainers of All Time

What was the highest stock increase percentage?

The statistics show, in recent years, that the highest increase in stock was with the company Occidental Petroleum.

Occidental Petroleum, gained 113.75% from September 2021 to August 2022. This is a phenomenal growth in history for such a short time span.

Is it good to invest in these high gaining stocks?

Yes, as long as they continue to grow and innovate. A company like Amazon is continually pushing the boundaries of technology, and as a result, makes for a good potential investment. Always keep your eyes on the market and follow news, reports, and events to be sure a company is still progressing.

Which is the market leader among those stock gainers in their fields?

Amazon.com is an outstanding market leader in the e-commerce industry. There are no competitors that could outperform Amazon so far. Even after the pandemic of Covid-19, when online retail businesses went skyrocketing, Amazon.com continues to have the highest market share.

However, Tractor Supply Co is also one of the leading positions in its market, but as it is targeting a very specific audience, the share price is much lower than Amazon's for example, or other giant companies.