Best Portfolio Tracker Software Reviews

Best Portfolio Tracker Software Reviews

Investing your capital may sound easier in principle than it is in practice. Hundreds of brokerages and financial management platforms attract millions of investors and billions of dollars in capital, which can be hard to keep track of, especially when using multiple different platforms. Even if an investor does not keep multiple brokerage accounts all at once, they may own many immovable assets or private business interests and accurately valuing each of them can be time-consuming. Portfolio trackers on the market allow investors to group their investments together by lining their existing bank and brokerage accounts under one roof to keep track of their personal net worth, cash flow, assets, and liabilities, as well as their overall financial standing. Many portfolio trackers serve as wealth trackers and include assets and liabilities of diverse origins. This is an added convenience for investors, as being informed about your current financial situation can help you make plans to improve it in the future. 

If you would like to analyze your financial well-being using proprietary software, but don’t know where to start, then this investfox review of portfolio trackers is for you. 

What Do Portfolio Trackers Measure?


Portfolio trackers are pieces of software that can be used to aggregate the financial commitments and accounts of an individual/enterprise under one dashboard, which shows the performance of ongoing investments, as well as net worth, cash flows, and balance of the account holder’s finances. Such tools can be extremely useful when making major financial decisions, such as buying a new home, going on a lengthy vacation, or planning for retirement/ kids’ education. Financial commitments like these require a lot of planning to decide what the appropriate level of expense should be and how much of an impact it can have on the budget. Keeping track of ongoing investments is especially important, as investors need to know how their assets are performing in order to react in time and make adjustments whenever necessary. Staying on top of your finances is always advisable for the savvy investor, which is why portfolio tracking and wealth management platforms have become so popular. The demand for such services is growing, as they are affordable and no longer reserved for the ultra-rich, but are convenient tools for individuals and households to make well-informed financial decisions without jeopardizing their future plans and financial well-being. 

Personal Capital - 4.5/5

personal capital.png

The robo-advisor and wealth manager Personal Capital offers a host of free financial tools, including portfolio tracking, which allows users to integrate their brokerage accounts and track the performance of their investments in real time. Personal Capital’s Financial Dashboard allows investors to get a 360 view of their finances, including loans, checking accounts in banks, and credit cards. Since the primary service offered by Personal Capital is wealth and retirement savings management, it offers the portfolio tracker for free, which also makes Personal Capital the best free-to-use portfolio tracker. 

Already existing Personal Capital clients can add the rest of their investments to the financial dashboard and have all of their finances readily available from one place. The simplistic and intuitive design also makes Personal Capital easy on the eyes and quick to navigate, which is always a plus. Users who sign up with Personal Capital can always switch to the paid services and add their savings to the portfolio tracker as well. 

"..our mission, you know it's to transforming financial lives through technology and people. Seven simple words" - Jay Shah

The ease of usage, no fees, and seamless integration make Personal Capital one of the best choices for investors of all experience levels. 

Kubera - 4.5/5


Kubera is a dedicated wealth management software with a host of features, which also includes portfolio tracking, where users can integrate all of their existing financial accounts to get a bird’s eye view of their net worth, cash flow, assets and liabilities, etc. 

Some of the features of Kubera include:

  • Tracking global asset portfolios, including stocks, crypto, bonds, etc.
  • Valuing physical assets, such as homes, cars, commodities (gold, silver), and even web domains
  • Real-time reporting and insights on users’ dashboards
  • Investable assets, cash on hand, average returns
  • Ability to share with financial professionals

Unlike Personal Capital, Kubera includes plenty of additional features but comes at a price of $150/month for portfolio managers and advisors, and $150/year for individual investors. 

The advantage of Kubera is in the sheer number of assets that can be valued and integrated into the platform, which makes it one of the most comprehensive net worth managers and portfolio trackers on the market. 

However, the fact that the service comes with a price tag that some might consider a bit steep, Kubera does not get the top spot, but it does land among some of the best choices for portfolio tracking software. 

Morningstar - 4/5


Morningstar is a popular stock advisory service that offers hundreds of research reports and articles to its broad customer base. One of the features offered by Morningstar is the ability to integrate accounts into the platform and track the ongoing performance of your portfolio. 

"..things that Morningstar cares about, such as saving for retirement, being a better investor, thinking about how to respond to financial emergencies.." - Kunal Kapoor

The Portfolio X-ray service available for paid members is a comprehensive tool for analyzing personal investments from multiple angles to get a clear picture of how your progress is going and whether you’ll be able to achieve your financial objectives at the same time. 

The portfolio tracker tool also calculates the sensitivity of the portfolio to various outside forces, based on the allocation of assets. Morningstar’s portfolio tracking is one of the best and goes into impressive detail to show the strong and weak points of the portfolio. 

The tracker is included in the paid subscription, which costs $34.95/month, or $249/year, which is steep for investors who simply wish to get access to the portfolio integration tool. Conversely, Morningstar can be a great choice for investors who are looking for a well-rounded stock advisor service. Nonetheless, the portfolio tracker alone is not enough to warrant a full Morningstar subscription for most rational investors. 

Seeking Alpha - 5/5

seeking alpha.png

Seeking Alpha is yet another comprehensive stock advisor that offers a full spectrum of analysis and research to its customers, including individual stock research reports, market overviews, analyst coverage, and much more. 

Seeking Alpha has emerged as one of the most widely used research services and the paid subscription tiers include plenty of valuable tools, including its portfolio tracker, which is the overall best-equipped portfolio tracking software on this list. The tracker is included in the Seeking Alpha Premium subscription, which costs $119/year for new subscribers. 

The portfolio tracker shows Seeking Alphas’ analyst scores for each of the investor’s holdings, as well as analyst scores, which gives the user a clear picture of where their portfolio may be overextending and how to balance it better. Seeking Alpha also provides a Health Score, which measures all of the dimensions of the portfolio and assigns a score. 

Overall, in terms of feature variety and ease of use, Seeking Alpha’s portfolio tracker comes out on top, but the full subscription cost might not be as attractive to those who are solely interested in the portfolio tracker software. 

"One of the key questions that we addressed [!at!] was, how do we help you evaluate the stock, like in two minutes, and then give you the material to drill down a lot." - David Jackson

Sharesight - 3.5/5


Sharesight is a dedicated portfolio-tracking software that has access to 40 exchanges from around the world and also comes with tax-reporting and dividend-tracking solutions. As a portfolio tracker, Sharesight sets itself apart by appealing to a broader customer base from around the world. The advanced tax reporting also adds to the appeal for investors who need to have tight control over their portfolios. Sharesight is best for investors who place their capital in assets from different exchanges and have to deal with multiple currencies, which Sharesight can handle well, thanks to its support of all major exchanges and currencies. 

"So essentially we focus only on the tracking and the admin of portfolios we, we operate as a SAS business, software as a service, with a freemium model. So basically there's a free version you can try, if you like what you see you can upgrade and that's it all of our revenue comes from subscription revenue from selling the tracking software we don't provide broking services or research or tips of any kind" - Doug Morris

A Sharesight subscription costs $12/month, which is comparable to Kubera, which is a superior portfolio and wealth tracker. 

Ziggma - 4/5


Ziggma is a stock analysis platform designed to help investors manage their money and find stocks to invest in. The platform uses fundamental analysis tools to score portfolios and individual stocks based on these fundamentals and evaluate where the portfolio may be overexposed to risk. The software also offers backtesting, stock screening, and analytical tools. 

The platform offers free and paid tiers, with the paid tier charging $9.90/month, or $89/year. 

Ziggma Premium includes features, such as quantitative research, backtesting, smart alerts, model portfolios, pre-configured screens, etc. 

The portfolio management tools provided by Ziggma are free to integrate with brokerage accounts and are relatively easy to use. The stock scoring system is also easy to understand and can be helpful, alongside the top 50 stock picks from Ziggma, which provides investment ideas with fundamental reasoning behind each pick. 

Where Ziggma falls short is the number of filters available on the stock screener, as well as backtesting and simulation features, which lack detailed analysis. 

AssetDash - 4.5/5


AssetDash is a great choice for investors who have holdings in multiple assets, such as stocks and cryptocurrencies. AssetDash can connect to major crypto exchanges, such as Coinbase and Binance, as well as stock brokers such as Robinhood, Webull, etc. 

Getting started with AssetDash is fairly simple and comes with a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. AssetDash is free to use, which adds to the appeal and the software supports over 150 exchanges from traditional finance to cryptocurrencies. 

The company’s mobile experience is smooth and comfortable and users can earn rewards while they track their portfolios and shop at their favorite merchants. Clients access exclusive deals from partner merchants after they sync their investment accounts with AssetDash. 

"AssetDash is a place where you can track your portfolio and now earn rewards on your investments" - Matias Dorta

AssetDash’s dashboard provides market capitalization and other data for thousands of stocks and cryptocurrencies. 

Overall, AssetDash is one of the best free crypto and stock portfolio trackers on the market. 

Magnifi - 4.5/5


Magnifi is a database and brokerage that combines investment features with its AI-powered data platform to help investors gather information about various investment products and offers free and paid accounts to its clients. 

The paid account costs $14/month, or less than $140 for the annual subscription. The platform offers educational materials and expert insight along with commission-free investments. 

"We started Magnifi to simplify investing" - Vinay Nair

Magnifi also has a mobile app, which is easy to use and comes with all the base features included in the web platform. Overall, Magnifi is a novel, AI-powered brokerage and portfolio management platform that offers over 15,000 investment options for commission-free trading, as well as an AI-powered investment assistant through the Magnifi Personal account. 

Magnifi is best for long-term investors, as well as investors who are looking for some assistance with investment decisions. The one major downside to Magnifi is the customer service, which offers limited contact options. 

WallStreetZen - 4/5


WallStreetZen is another free-to-use portfolio tracking option that is geared towards fundamental investors, as the software provides plenty of information about factors that can affect the overall portfolio and each individual holding. The tracker also includes analyst ratings to gain some valuable insight from industry experts. WallStreetZen tracks insider activity, analyst ratings, up and downgrades, as well as important upcoming events that can have a significant impact on the price of the stock. 

For investors who are mainly interested in fundamental analysis and also want free portfolio tracking software, WallStreetZen is one of the better options available on the market. 

While the tracker is available for free, it also offers a $150/year premium subscription, which adds a host of new features, such as market analysis, trends, industry overview, and other stock advisor services. When compared to Personal Capital (PC), WallStreetZen falls just behind PC as the best free portfolio tracking software.

Delta Tracker - 4/5

delta tracking.png

Delta Tracker is a portfolio tracker that is focused on the cryptocurrency market and allows users to track their crypto holdings in real-time. Users can get a bird’s eye view of their entire crypto holdings, which is convenient, as most crypto trackers are limited in the number of cryptocurrencies they can support. Delta Tracker supports over 300 cryptocurrency exchanges and users can connect their accounts and track their portfolios from anywhere. 

"Delta is a portfolio tracking application for investors that have invested in cryptocurrency. And what problem are we solving? It's very simple, if you're an investor in cryptocurrency and especially if you have a diversified portfolio it's very hard to keep track of everything.. that main problem is what Delta tries to solve" - Nicolas Van Hoorde

Delta tracker also allows users to connect their brokerage accounts to track traditional investments, such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, etc. 

The Delta Tracker app is well-designed and easy to use, offering a convenient dashboard that is easy to navigate and customize. 

However, users cannot use Delta for trading, as it is strictly for portfolio management purposes. The Pro version of the Delta Tracker account might not be worth it for some users, especially those who are only interested in the crypto side of the service. 

Delta offers its services in 115 countries and the app has been downloaded more than 3 million times across all devices. 

Key Takeaways From The Best Portfolio Trackers

Portfolio trackers are great at managing investments under a single dashboard, which makes things more streamlined and easy to grasp. Portfolio trackers are necessary to make decisions based on your current financial standing and potential future net worth. Investors can choose from dedicated portfolio trackers to those offered by major stock advisors as part of their subscription deals. 

One factor every investor should consider is the cost of a portfolio tracker and whether it provides adequate value for money at the offered price. Some portfolio tracking software is free to use and has plenty of features to attract users, while others include various other analytical services alongside portfolio tracking. 

FAQs On The Best Portfolio Trackers

Are portfolio trackers safe?

Portfolio trackers allow users to integrate their bank and brokerage accounts to keep track of their investments and how they perform, in order to make adjustments whenever necessary. 

What can portfolio trackers show?

Portfolio trackers are given an overview of the account holders’ finances by integrating their investment accounts into the tracker dashboard, which can show important metrics such as net worth, assets, and liabilities, among many other things. 

What is the best free portfolio tracker software?

While there are plenty of portfolio trackers that might be worth your time, Personal Capital’s portfolio tracker is the best free tracker currently available on the market.