The Best Free and Paid Stock Advisor Services 

The Best Free and Paid Stock Advisor Services 

Stock picking can be a lot tougher than it initially sounds. The stock markets are home to thousands of individual stocks with hundreds of variables working for and against them at any point in time. Researching these factors can be an incredibly time-consuming process. To avoid the hassle, some companies have started offering their research services to individual and corporate clients at fixed monthly/yearly rates. These services include stock research, picks, industry overviews, and many more. The rationale behind a stock advisor subscription is to get curated shortlists of stocks that are deemed to have the potential to perform well over a certain period of time. 

Stock advisors differ in terms of the scope of their research, size, additional features, and costs. This creates a lot of competition in the market, as every analyst is on the hunt for the next big thing and stock advisors are fully aware of the incredibly high demand for winning stock picks. 

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How Do Stock Advisor Services Work?


Stock Advisor companies consist of teams of analysts who are constantly on the lookout for securities with a high probability of above-market returns. They spend many hours researching the fundamental and technical aspects of each stock and consider dozens of moving variables, such as management structure and changes, customer base, valuation, growth potential, cash flow, etc. The everyday investor does not have the time to spend hours and days researching individual stocks to invest in - this is why stock advisor services are in such high demand. 

Most stock advisors offer email newsletters to their customers, who receive periodic stock picks and analyses to back up the selection. The analysis might include everything from financials, industry overview, and macroeconomic factors affecting the stock. 

The Motley Fool

motley fool.png

One of the most popular stock advisors on the market, The Motley Fool was founded in 1993 and has since been offering its newsletters and stock picks to investors around the world. The stock picks have managed to surpass the S&P 500 by a large margin - returning over 373% over the course of its existence, as opposed to the 116% from the benchmark stock market index. 

Feature Overview

The Motley Fool operates as a newsletter subscription that sends out stock picks with detailed analysis of the underlying company, including its financials, key upcoming catalysts, macroeconomic factors, etc. The firm offers hundreds of free articles and financial tools to everyday investors and its paid services are divided into three core packages:

  • Stock Advisor - The award-winning service that provides users with two stock picks per month and includes detailed analysis from The Motley Fool team. The service has returned 373% since its inception, compared to the 116% returned by the S&P 500
  • Rule Breakers - This service targets tomorrow’s market leaders and disruptive stocks shaking up the market and has returned 188% against the 99% by the S&P 500
  • Digital Explorers - This service is geared toward digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs

The Motley Fool also sends out sell notices to customers once they deem their stock picks to have served their purpose and returned the optimal amount of value. The packages offered by The Motley Fool may overlap, which is why the official website lists over a dozen different subscription types at various prices. The list of subscriptions also includes The Motley Fool One, which includes all of the services available on The Motley Fool. 

"Generally our style of investing at the Motley Fool, not our only style, but our primary style of investing is a very long term five to ten plus year view" - Tom Gardner


The Motley Fool divides its offerings into multiple annual subscription packages which are geared towards investors with specific needs. Users can also buy singular reports from the company, which come with a detailed report for a single stock recommendation. The subscription packages include:

  • Stock Advisor - $199/year
  • Real Estate Winners - $249/year
  • Rule Breakers - $299/year
  • Everlasting Stocks - $299/year
  • Rule Your Retirement - $149/year
  • Epic Bundle - $499/year (includes all of the above)
  • Market Pass - $999/year
  • Digital Explorers - $1999/year
  • The Motley Fool One - $13,999/year

The Bottom Line

The Motley Fool is a comprehensive stock advisor that includes a host of free features and a variety of subscription options geared towards investors of all backgrounds and preferences. As a free resource, The Motley Fool stands out with its sheer amount of free articles and educational content. The paid services provided by the firm have a solid track record of beating the market and delivering superior returns through its curated stock picks and detailed analysis reports.

Seeking Alpha

seeking alpha.png

Seeking Alpha takes a different approach when it comes to free content, as it is a crowd-sourced platform with articles from thousands of contributors. Seeking Alpha was founded in 2004 and quickly became one of the most popular destinations for investors to read research articles and opinion pieces and stay on top of market trends. 

"Often Seeking Alpha has a much better track record than Wall Street.. Because it's wisdom of the crowds.." - David Jackson

Feature Overview

Seeking Alpha offers thousands of free articles and opinion pieces from contributors all around the world. Users who sign up with Seeking Alpha can read about the same topic from different perspectives, which is a refreshing addition. The free account includes features such as stock charts, free articles, financial tools, and real-time news. However, the amount of content that users have access to is limited for the basic account and users will have to update to Seeking Alpha Pro or Premium to access the full breadth of content offered by the platform. 

Additionally, the Seeking Alpha Premium subscription includes features, such as:

  • Unlimited access to Premium content
  • Seeking Alpha Author Ratings for stocks and other securities
  • Stock Quant Ratings, which includes technical analysis of stock picks
  • Stock Dividend Grades
  • Seeking Alpha Author Performance to choose your favorite contributors

Conversely, Seeking Alpha Pro is the high-end subscription tier offered by Seeking Alpha, which grants access to all Premium services, plus:

  • Pro content and newsletter with stock picks and market insight
  • The Short Ideas portal
  • Idea screener to quickly sift through opinion pieces
  • VIP customer service
  • Ad-free experience


Seeking Alpha’s fee structure is fairly simple and straightforward. The Basic account is free and users can update to the Premium or Pro accounts depending on their needs. Seeking Alpha offers a 14-day free trial, which can be canceled anytime. 

Seeking Alpha Premium is priced at $119/year for new subscribers and $239/year for existing users, while Seeking Alpha Pro costs $499/year and includes all the features available through the Premium subscription. While the Pro subscription may seem a bit steep for some users, it does offer improved customer service and an ad-free experience, as well as greater insight and research from the Seeking Alpha team. 

The Bottom Line

Seeking Alpha offers a refreshing take on the stock advisor service by hosting opinion pieces from thousands of individual contributors, who create content on stock market news, individual assets, regulatory changes, startups, market trends, etc. Users who want unlimited access to Seeking Alpha can benefit from the discounted Premium subscription, which comes with plenty of perks and the ability to get superior advisory and analytical services from Seeking Alpha. 

Zacks Investment Research


Founded in 1978, Zacks Investment Research has emerged as one of the most reputable stock advisory and financial research companies on the market. Zacks offers hundreds of informative articles for free and offers curated stock picks, investment strategies, recommendations, and market metrics to its customers. Zacks is also one of the most affordable stock advisors available, with the cheapest subscription starting at $1/month

Feature Overview

Zacks features a broad selection of research topics, including stocks, ETFs, crypto, financial education, and portfolio management. Some of the most popular Zacks features include:

  • The Stock Screener - which allows users to sift through thousands of stocks
  • My Portfolio - portfolio management tools for the everyday investor
  • Equity Research - individual stock and ETF research reports
  • Zacks Ultimate - unrestricted access to Zacks content
  • Profit From The Pros - free investment newsletter

Zacks Ultimate is the most affordable stock advisor subscription and includes all of the buy and sell signals for 30 days, as well as all of the short and long-term portfolios.

The company also offers three paid subscriptions, including:

  • Zacks Premium - This includes full access to the ranked list, equity research reports, a portfolio for 50 long-term stocks, premium screeners, and more at $249/year
  • Zacks Investor Collection - Buy and sell signals from packages intended for various investor profiles at $59/month, or $495/year
  • Zacks Ultimate - While the 30-day access costs $1, The full Zacks Ultimate subscription starts at a hefty $299/month, or $2,995/year, and includes all of the services offered by Zacks, such as exclusive investment packages for investors with different risk profiles


The fees charged by Zacks can range from as low as $1/month to as high as $299/month for Zacks Ultimate. For investors looking for simple tools and research covering specific stocks, Zacks Premium might be the best choice, while the full Zacks Ultimate subscription gives members unrestricted access to the full spectrum of Zacks services and a greater degree of personalization. 

The Bottom Line

Zacks Investment Research is a company with a diverse set of research tools - some of which are available for free. The Zacks website features hundreds of free articles covering various asset markets, including stocks, commodities, ETFs, real estate, mutual funds, etc. 

Zacks subscriptions start at $1/month for basic buy and sell signals and $299/month for the entire Zacks experience, which includes dashboards, investment strategies, financial tools, screeners, stock and ETF picks, and many more.

While the interface of Zacks might not be the shiniest, the company more than makes up for this with expertise and depth of research, making it a great choice for long-term investors. 



Morningstar is a popular stocks advisor and financial platform that is known for its broad range of interesting financial articles and reports, portfolio analysis tools, and a broad range of asset coverage. The company offers hundreds of free articles via its website. Morningstar was launched in 1984 and has since become one of the top stock advisory companies in the United States. The company itself is a public entity listed on the Nasdaq, under the MORN ticker.

Feature Overview

Morningstar offers unbiased research, market insight, and opinion pieces about ongoing financial developments, as well as future forecasts and recommendations to its client base of investors and traders. Clients can find relevant data about most asset classes, but the platform is more focused on stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. The sheer amount of content to be found on Morningstar’s website might be a bit overwhelming for first-time visitors, but the company more than makes up for it in terms of diversity and insightfulness. 

The Morningstar Investor is a paid subscription offered by Morningstar that includes the full spectrum of research reports and articles from the analytical team, as well as complex financial tools that make it easy for investors to do their own research. Morningstar includes a detailed analysis of over 4,000 mutual funds, which can be attractive for investors looking to build up their portfolio through reliable long-term investments. 


The Morningstar Investor subscription costs $249/year and users can activate a 7-day free trial to test out some features and see whether the platform provides good value for money. The subscription can be canceled at any time and includes some of the best work from the Morningstar team of analysts. 

In terms of comparative fees, Morningstar is in the middle of the pack and its subscription fee is comparable to other entries in this article. 

The Bottom Line

Morningstar is one of the most well-regarded stock advisory services on the market. The company prides itself on the sheer number of mutual fund analyses available on its platform, which is part of the reason for its popularity. 

Morningstar provides an unbiased and informative overview of the financial markets with hundreds of free articles available on the website. 

Morningstar Investor is a premium paid service from the company, which includes Morningstar’s curated research articles, recommendations, and forecasts. The Morningstar Investor is available at a competitive price of $249/year for first-time clients. 

The Maley Report

maley report.png

The Maley Report is an advisory newsletter from Wall Street veteran Matt Maley, who has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry and leads a team of analysts, covering a broad range of finance-related topics, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, market trends, etc. 

The Maley Report is a curated service for investors who prefer getting insights from someone with a proven and verifiable track record in the financial industry. 

Feature Overview

The Maley Report website is home to dozens of free articles users can read to get a sense of what the service is like and what insights it can bring to the table. The Maley Report website greets users with a simple interface and includes a description of subscriptions and an archive for all the free content available on the website. 

The Maley Report offers three subscription tiers:

  • Weekend Insights - This prepares clients for the week ahead and includes key points to watch, market effects, and macroeconomic overviews
  • Before The Open - Insights before the market opens, which includes expert analysis, market insights, and actionable trading ideas
  • All-Access - The bundle deal for both subscription options

The Maley Report offers a streamlined service that includes two individual subscription packages that come with market analysis from Matt Maley and his team of analysts. 


The fees charged by The Maley Report are fixed and charged on a monthly or annual basis. The Weekend Insights subscription costs $25/month or $199/year. The Before The Open package costs $35/month or $299/year. The All-Access subscription costs $45/month or $399/year and includes both subscription options. 

The aforementioned fees are in line with the average price charged by stock advisors and present an attractive alternative for investors who prefer a more personalized service from a seasoned professional. 

The Bottom Line

The Maley Report presents curated research and analysis of US securities to its client base. The reports cover a broad range of asset classes and markets, and coverage is led by Matt Maley, a seasoned financial professional with decades of experience working in the field. 

The service is divided into two distinct subscription packages and includes research reports leading into the week, or prior to the start of a new trading session. 

The company charges competitive prices for its services, which makes it a solid option for most investment-minded individuals. 

Stansberry Research


Stansberry Research is a private market research company that specializes in stock research and reporting. The company was founded in 1999 and offers financial research, actionable investment recommendations, and portfolio solutions to more than a million subscribers. 

Feature Overview

Stansberry offers a wide range of publications from industry-leading professionals doing research on a variety of financial topics, including investments, policy, global trends, etc. 

The company employs over 30 financial analysts with decades of experience under their belts. The proprietary screeners offered by Stansberry make it easier for investors to find new opportunities on the market. Clients can also personalize their newswires to focus on the most relevant news sources. The firm employs a portfolio rating system that alerts investors about any imbalances or unnecessary risks to their portfolios and suggests actionable measures to reduce overall risk exposure. They divide their services into four types of portfolio packages:

  • Total Portfolio - A hedged portfolio of around 40 recommendations, including growth stocks, emerging market equities, and small-cap stocks
  • Income Portfolio - A portfolio of dividend-paying stocks, fixed-income bonds, and bond funds
  • Capital Portfolio - An entry-level portfolio featuring easy-to-buy US-listed stocks and ETFs
  • Defensive Portfolio - A mix of income-generating stocks and bonds to generate monthly cash flows

Each of the above packages includes curated research articles and investment recommendations from the Stansberry Research team. Additionally, the portfolios are broken down into subcategories, based on risk exposure and asset allocation. The company also offers bundled memberships, which are by invite-only, including Stansberry Choice and The Stansberry Alliance. 


The general Stansberry Research subscription costs $199/year and each Stansberry portfolio comes with an account minimum. For example, the Total Portfolio requires an investment of at least $100,000, which can then be allocated in accordance with the company’s recommendations. Aside from the paid packages, Stansberry offers plenty of valuable research newsletters to its members for free. 

Each Stansberry offering comes with its own safety label to give investors a general idea of the degree of risk associated with a particular package. 

The Bottom Line

Stansberry Research is a great option for long-term investors with specific goals in mind. Investors saving up for major purchases can greatly benefit from Stansberry’s recommendations. The company offers curated research from its team of more than 30 experienced analysts and bundles its content into four subscription packages, which differ in terms of scope, investor experience, risk tolerance, etc. 

Clients can find great insights from Stansberry Research, which is divided into newsletters and includes specialized investment research, as well as macro-level services. 

Overall, Stansberry Research is a service geared towards investors of all risk appetites which offers plenty of value for money to its clients. 

Stock Rover

stock rover.png

Stock Rover is an investment research firm that focuses on equities. The firm offers free articles, as well as different payment plans for research of varying complexity. Users can access research papers, buy and sell recommendations, stock picks from different industries, etc. The paid plans are divided into three categories and come with different price tags and features. 

Feature Overview

Stock Rover users can use the free version of the platform and access data on thousands of stocks and ETFs from North America, portfolio management tools, analyst coverages, market news, brokerage integration, portfolio syncing, an earnings calendar, etc. 

The paid subscriptions at Stock Rover are divided into three categories:

  • The Essentials Plan - Includes brokerage integration, data on 8,000+ stocks and ETFs, 260+ financial metrics, investment comparison, portfolio management, watchlists, and charting 5 years of financial history, among other things
  • The Premium Plan - Everything in the Essentials plan, plus 90 additional metrics, 10 years of financial history, 100+ charitable financial metrics, future dividend projections, data exporting, trade planning and rebalancing, multi-monitor support, etc. 
  • The Premium Plus Plan - Additional 300 financial metrics, valuation and ratio charts, historical data screening, custom metrics, multiple metric charting, historical scoring, stock rating, investor warnings, and many more 


The Stock Rover has a free plan that is readily available to anyone who signs up with the stock advisor. As for paid services, Stock Rover offers three subscription plans:

  • The Essentials Plan - $7.99/month ($79.99/year, $139.99/two years)
  • The Premium Plan - $17.99/month ($179.99/year, $319.99/two years)
  • The Premium Plus Plan - $27.99/month ($279.99/year, $479.99/two years)

The fees charged by Stock Rover are comparable to the average fees charged for stock advisor services and the packages come with enough unique features to warrant such price differences.

The Bottom Line

Stock Rover is a niche stock advisor that offers a wide range of analytical and research tools to its clients, which includes powerful dashboards, research data for thousands of listed equities, robust financial tools, watchlists, customizable searches, etc. The company offers plenty of value for money and its subscription fees are not high enough to deter investors from using the service. Using The Stock Rover is a great way of cataloging stocks, which gives investors the right tools to focus on the best places to invest their money. 

Yahoo Finance Stock Screener

yahoo finance.png

Yahoo Finance is one of the most popular financial media platforms in the world that offers many of its core services for free. Users can view stock quotes and charts, apply technical tools, and read hundreds of free articles. The platform also offers a premium subscription (Yahoo Finance Plus), which users can access after paying an annual fee. 

Feature Overview

Yahoo Finance comes with a wide variety of free services, including stock charts, watchlists, top gainers and losers, price quotes of different asset classes, etc. The free account alone might be enough for some users to get what they need from the platform. 

Yahoo Finance Plus, the paid subscription, has a robust choice of features, including:

  • The Market Digest newsletter
  • Fair value analysis for individual stocks
  • Daily trade ideas based on the user’s fields of interest
  • Enhanced price alerts
  • Research reports from Morningstar and Argus
  • Company insights based on a variety of indicators
  • Advanced tools for portfolio analysis
  • Ad-free experience
  • 24/7 customer support

These are only a handful of features offered with a Yahoo Finance Plus subscription. The above features are included in the Essential subscription. The platform also offers a Lite subscription tier, which costs less and has less complex features. 


The paid Yahoo Finance subscription is divided into two packages - Essential and Lite. The Essential subscription comes with more features and a higher price tag of $29.16/month, which is charged annually. The Lite subscription is charged in the same manner but costs $20.16 per month. 

Considering the number of free features already available to users with a free account, switching to a paid subscription with a relatively high price tag might not be as appealing to some, but the number of perks included in the Essential subscription can be attractive to many investors with a sizable budget. 

The Bottom Line

Yahoo Finance is one of the most well-regarded stock analysis and advisory companies in the world. The platform boasts an impressive catalog of free content and tools and the paid subscription also lives up to expectations. While the price tag for the subscription might be a bit high, it offers plenty of value, including detailed analysis reports, alerts, historical statistics, trade ideas, and an overall more personalized experience. 

Pros and Cons Of Stock Advisor Services

Stock advisor services have been around for decades and some have stood out from the crowd to garner mainstream attention and a loyal customer base. However, stock advisors can differ in more ways than one, which makes it even more important to distinguish between the positive and negative sides of using such services, especially if they cost money. 


  • Valuable insights from industry professionals
  • A great degree of autonomy and access to information
  • Data that is not readily available anywhere else
  • Superior customer service and other perks
  • Higher chance of profitable investments


  • No concrete performance guarantees
  • Relatively high subscription costs
  • Information overload

Key Takeaways From The Best Free And Paid Stock Advisor Services

Stock advisor services are becoming more and more popular year by year. Some advisors, such as Yahoo Finance, Morningstar, Zacks, The Motley Fool, and others, have found niche applications to focus their research on and provide added value to their users. 

Stock advisor subscriptions come with a wide range of features, including market research, individual stock reports, customizable watchlists, buy and sell alerts, etc. 

Some of these services have a proven track record of outperforming the market, which is the primary reason why millions of new users sign up each year. 

FAQs On The Best Free and Paid Stock Advisor Services

Are stock advisor services legit?

Yes. Stock advisor services are a great way to get professional advice and insight into the world of stock investing. Subscriptions to such services come with research reports, stock picks, analyst coverages, market overviews, complex portfolio tools, as well as other value-adding perks. 

What are the best stock advisor services?

Some of the most popular stock advisory services include The Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, Zacks Investment Research, Yahoo Finance, and Morningstar, whose free and paid accounts attract millions of users each month. 

Are stock advisors expensive?

Some stock advisors come with a steep price tag and are intended for corporate clients and affluent individuals. However, this is not always the case and most paid stock advisors also offer plenty of content and tools for free or charge a relatively affordable fee for their services.