AvaOptions Reviewed - How Does It Work?

AvaOptions Reviewed - How Does It Work?

AvaOptions is a unique Forex options trading platform that offers binary options and Forex trading. How does it work and what are the benefits? In this article, we will take a look at how AvaOptions works, and see if it is right for you. 

With its broad set of tools and features, the AvaOptions platform stands out in the online trading sector. AutochartistTM, a prominent chart pattern detection program, is also included in AvaOptions. Users can keep track of patterns and signals, as well as see historical market prices and movements, to see how a strategy would perform under different circumstances. Users can then make trades utilizing these signals with only a few clicks within the site.


Is AvaOptions right for you? That depends on your experience level and trading goals. AvaOptions may be ideal for experienced traders who want to diversify their investment portfolio with Forex and binary options trading. Novice traders can also use AvaOptions but should consider starting with a demo account to become familiar with the platform before making any actual trades. 

"..you can open up a demo account or a real account and use our beautiful new web trader" - Steven Reiter

Overall, AvaOptions is a comprehensive AvaTrade trading platform that offers a variety of options for traders to choose from. 

Trading Features With AvaOptions


AvaOptions is a web trader that offers total control over your portfolio with 2 account categories and risk management tools. It also has flexible orders that can be placed online or by phone. The main features of AvaOptions include: 

  • 2 account categories: AvaOptions offers two account types - a Standard account and a Pro account. The Standard account is for beginner traders while the Pro account is for advanced traders.
  • Total control over your portfolio: AvaOptions gives the trader total control over their portfolio. They can add, remove, or adjust positions at any time. 
  • Risk management tools: AvaOptions offers risk management tools to assist traders with portfolio management. Stop-loss orders, take-profit orders, and trailing stop orders are examples of these techniques.
  • Flexible orders: AvaOptions offers both market orders and pending orders. The current market price is used to execute market orders. Pending orders are completed at the price indicated. AvaOptions also offers trailing stop orders, which are adjustable stop-loss orders that move along with the market price. 
  • Mobile trading: AvaOptions offers mobile trading for Android and iOS devices.

Interactive Pricing Widget

This interactive widget shows market data for a range of Call and Put options. Standard expiration dates are provided on the top row, immediately below the description, and streaming spot FX rates are presented in the left column for all views. The two sorts of pages that may be examined are the pricing and volatility pages. The two types of pages offered in the Option Pricing Widget are Pricing Pages and Volatility Pages. 

At the bottom left of the page, You can select from a range of price conventions. Term pips are the most common, but you may also use Base pips or Base percent.

To view a profit and loss chart for purchasing an option on 10,000 units of the currency pair at a particular strike and term, including the breakeven level, click on any option price.

Mobile Version - Trading On The Go

The AvaOptions web trader follows on the heels of an excellent smartphone app that you can find in the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store with the same look and feel, but the main goal here is to make options simple to understand while still being effective for experienced traders.

When entering the mobile app, you will see the main area, so let's now go through its features. On the left, you can check the offers and choose various features. The high-low and yesterday's closing prices are displayed on the right. Other monetary pairings, such as gold and silver, can also be included. By clicking the “Save” button, you may change the order of the things on this page, and you'll be sent back to your computer with the new order on the right side.

More Than 50 Currencies are Available

On the site, you may trade with 55 different currency pairings. From the main panel, users can pick from a variety of categories as this is your trading page, and you can see the asset you've selected to trade on the spot, which is set to EUR/USD by default. A trading spot means you're trading the asset itself, similar to buying or selling a CFD. Different sorts of charts may be added and viewed.

Pros & Cons of Using AvaOptions

No trading tool is perfect and there are always advantages and disadvantages to using any software. It's important to consider these pros and cons carefully before deciding whether or not to use a particular tool. Let’s take a look at AvaOption’ pros and cons.


Talking about the AvaOptions reviews, the first biggest advantage of AvaOptions is its interactive pages. Every action of AvaTrade is based on putting their clients first, and they try to make everything as intuitive as possible. One way they do this is by making the app’s pages interactive, so improving the customer’s user experience a lot. 

Another cool feature for improving user experience is widgets and AvaOptions provides us with a lot of them. Users are performing complicated financial operations on the AvaTrade trading platform so free widgets can make life easier for them. Another useful feature is provided by the platforms charts, as it comes with things like Autochartist trading signals. 


Despite all these bright features, there are some disadvantages to it too. Let's talk about some of the downsides of the AvaOptions web trader. 

The first snag is the inactivity fee. The site has an inactivity fee for all the accounts. After 3 months of inactivity, the company charges you a flat $50 fee, and after another 12 months of inactivity, the price goes up to $100. The numbers given are pretty high, especially for beginner traders. 

FAQs On AvaOptions

Is It Possible to Use AvaOptions Without AvaTrade?

No, you can not use it without an AvaTrade account. AvaOptions is AvaTrade's exclusive proprietary Forex options trading platform. Its key features include a user-friendly interface, advanced charting tools, and a wide range of options and strategies. AvaOptions is available to AvaTrade clients through the AvaTradeGO app and the AvaTrade web platform. 

Is AvaOptions Better Than MT4 & MT5?

There is no definite answer to this question. We can say that all of these platforms are very advanced. They share a lot of features such as an interactive interface, great charts, the possibility of rollovers, hedging, etc. All of them are available in multiple languages. It’s more appropriate to say that AvaOptions is created specifically for advanced users while MT4 and MT5 can be useful for both beginners and professionals.

What Types of Options Strategies Are Available With AvaOptions?

Option strategies are one good part of the AvaOptions platform. It offers an amazingly diverse variety of options. There are 13 operations available: Spot, call, call spread, call ratio put, put spread, put ratio, straddle, straddle, butterfly, condo, risk reversal, and seagull option strategies.