What is PSYOP - Everything You Need To Know

What is PSYOP - Everything You Need To Know

We are entering a new phase in the crypto space with newer cryptocurrencies being introduced to the market, new advancements taking place each and every day, and in general, the adoption of crypto is increasing as time goes on. One of the latest introductions to the crypto market is PSYOP coin, which was launched by famous crypto personality ben.eth. 

Within the first 3 days of launching, PSYOP managed to gain 300% in value before starting the inevitable drop to nothingness. Because of this, a lot of people started to look into this coin, but since PSYOP is a meme coin, getting valuable information about it is challenging; probably because none exists. Not to worry though, as we will be telling you everything you need to know about this coin, and then you can decide if it’s worth investing in PSYOP. Spoiler alert: it’s not.

What is PSYOP

PSYOP is a recently launched meme coin that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It was created by famous crypto personality ben.eth, who before launching PSYOP, launched another meme coin called BEN. While PSYOP is a meme coin and does not hide the fact, it still has goals and is not a coin created just to make fun of something. 

Following the fact that PSYOP is a meme coin, the first announcement that ben.eth made about PSYOP is that it is created to raise awareness for the conspiracy theory meme. He also stated that open blockchain makes it hard to enslave humanity and that we should pay attention to PSYOP. While it is obvious that these were lighthearted comments, looking deeper we can see what PSYOP aims to do. ben.eth has been actively stating that we should raise awareness about cryptocurrencies and the whole blockchain ecosystem. 

The main goal of PSYOP is to educate people about false experts and influencers who advertise shitcoins that have no future. When these shitcoins are advertised by some influencers and experts, their price starts to rise really fast and then they fall even faster when initial investors and these influencers start taking out profits. From what we have now seen just a week after its launch, it seems that ben.eth was trying to teach this lesson to people by showing them a practical example of how his works. So, PSYOP’s goal is to make people question everything they are doing and why they are doing it. According to PSYOP, people should always do their own research and not believe other people’s words, a lesson that he has driven home well. 

Launch of PSYOP

PSYOP was launched with a $500m market capitalization, which at first glance might seem like a scam, but looking deeper there is an easy explanation. ben.eth is in control of over 97% of all PSYOP supply, meaning that real market capitalization of this token is 3% (not sus at all, right?). When PSYOP was launched, it was valued at just over $0.00094 with a 550 billion max supply. Just 2 days after launching, PSYOP managed to quadruple its value, finally peaking at $0.004187. As with all these meme tokens, it took just 1 week for the coin to drop to $0.001721 and the downward slope seems to have no end in sight.

If we compare PSYOP to its sister coin, BEN, the growth was not as significant, as BEN managed to increase 1,000% in value in just 24 hours and even seems to hold on to some value to this day. While it might seem that PSYOP failed compared to BEN, this smaller growth can be seen as positive, if it manages to survive. Meme coins have tendencies of growing really fast and then falling even faster. But this is still too early to make any concrete predictions or statements regarding this token, and only time will tell what awaits PSYOP. 

How To Buy PSYOP

If you are interested in this token and wonder where you can buy PSYOP, there are a few places you can visit. Since PSYOP was launched just a few days ago and it is a meme coin, you will not be able to find it on any of the more legit centralized exchanges, such as Binance or Coinbase. 

Because of this, if you are looking to buy PSYOP, you can only do it through decentralized exchanges. You can visit decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap or 1inch and trade your existing cryptocurrency for PSYOP. But in order to be able to do that, you will have to import the coin first. When you just search PSYOP on these exchanges nothing will come up, and you will need to search it using their contract address. Once you find them, you can import them and swap as much as you like. 

Contract: 0x3007083EAA95497cD6B2b809fB97B6A30bdF53D3

Final Thoughts

PSYOP is most certainly a coin that has managed to gain the public's interest. It was launched shortly after ben.eth launched another crypto, BEN, which has helped PSYOP gain even more attention. It still remains unclear whether PSYOP will succeed and stand next to the likes of Dogecoin or Shiba, but as things stand there are a lot of people questioning the legitimacy of this project. It seems that the only thing this coin has going for it is that it is backed by big personalities in crypto space, which means that some believe it will not be a fast pump and dump scheme.