How Long Will It Take to Make Millions with Bitcoin?

How Long Will It Take to Make Millions with Bitcoin?

When we hear about cryptocurrencies, the first thing that comes to everyone's mind is Bitcoin and there is a good reason for it. When Bitcoin was created in 2009, it was worth practically nothing and you could have acquired hundreds of Bitcoins for a few dollars. There were not many who believed in this new concept of digital currency and not many people bought this coin.

But those that did are now millionaires as Bitcoin prices exploded and they cashed out with very high profits. For example, you could have bought Bitcoin for around $5 mid 2011, and if you would have bought $100 worth of Bitcoin, so 20 coins, in 2017, you could have sold it for $330,000. If you would have kept it for longer, in 2021, during Bitcoins peak, you could have sold it for $1,380,000. Not a bad profit from a $100 investment, what you say?

Because of this, many people who join the crypto space nowadays are hoping to achieve the same thing and make millions with Bitcoin. But things have changed now, Bitcoin prices have exploded and making very big profits from small investments has become impossible. But this does not mean that we can’t make millions with Bitcoin, but it will take a much longer time and will need a bit bigger investment. So let’s take a closer look at this.

When to buy Bitcoin

If you plan on making millions with Bitcoin, the first thing you need to know is when to buy it. Bitcoin tends to follow certain price trends and you should be familiar with these trends in order to purchase it at the right price at the right time. Bitcoin works on Proof-of-Work protocol and blockchain is run by Bitcoin miners who receive rewards for their contributions. Once these miners mine 210,000 new blocks on the blockchain, Bitcoin halving takes place which results in mining rewards halving. During this period Bitcoin price tends to be more volatile and historically it tends to drop low. This is a good time to invest in Bitcoin, as prices don’t tend to remain low for extended periods of time. 

There is also a phenomenon called Crypto Winter, which is when the whole crypto market is down and prices drop sharply. For example, last crypto winter started late 2021, and continued throughout most of 2022. During this time Bitcoin prices were significantly low, even dropping below $20,000, and investing in this coin during this time is also a good opportunity. 

How long should you wait to sell

Now comes the question as to how long you should wait to sell. First of all, if you plan on making millions of dollars from this coin, the time you decide to sell should depend on when you invested. But if you planned your investment in a way that you have acquired a good amount of Bitcoin, then the waiting time should not be too long. As we mentioned earlier, historically Bitcoin prices don’t tend to remain low for extended periods of time and they usually rebound within a few months. This increase in price is intensified if prices have a significant drop and you can easily make 200% - 300% profit in a few months. 

But if we don’t have big investment capital but want to make millions of Bitcoins, there are other options that we can take. This will depend on how long you are willing to wait, and how much you plan on investing. 

If you are looking for long term investment, and by long term we mean 5-10 years, the possibility of making millions is there. First of all, in order for us to make millions of dollars this way, we should believe that Bitcoin will deliver on its promises and will become the future of finances. While it might fail to become a regular currency for everyday use, it can take a similar role as gold and become a safe haven for investors. 

If this is the case, making regular investments into Bitcoin will be the best and fastest way to make millions from it. You can invest a set amount of money each month into Bitcoin, for example 10% of your monthly salary. With this, you are constantly growing your Bitcoin portfolio and if Bitcoin really becomes future gold, since it has limited supply, prices will skyrocket. While it is unlikely that the price of Bitcoin will reach over a million dollars, there is a good chance that one Bitcoin will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in the years to come. So hypothetically, if you were to invest around $50,000 dollars in the next 4 years, so around $1000 a month, if Bitcoin price were to reach $500,000 in the next 10 years, you will officially become a millionaire. 

Final Thoughts

Making millions from Bitcoins is something that everyone wants to do, but actually doing this is challenging and hard. Bitcoin has already exploded and has cemented itself as top cryptocurrency, which means that prices are already high and interest in this coin is rising each day. Looking at the traditional stock market, we can see that most people who make millions from certain investments either invested a lot, or invested in very early stages. Because of this, if you are not someone who is willing to invest tens of thousands of dollars into Bitcoin in one go, it will take a long time for you to be able to make millions from it. But if you are in it for the long run, making regular monthly investments into Bitcoin is the best way to make millions from your investments, but this might take 10 years or even longer. 

FAQs on How long will it take to make millions with Bitcoin

Could Bitcoin hit $100,000?

Absolutely. Bitcoin at its peak valuation was worth almost $70,000 per coin, which is not too far away from the $100,000 mark. As cryptocurrencies are becoming bigger and blockchain is getting integrated into more and more stuff, interest in this token is destined to go up. With this, it should not be surprising if Bitcoin were to reach the $100,000 mark in the next few years. It can even go way higher than $100,000 if it manages to achieve the expected goals, and one Bitcoin might even be worth $500,000 in the next 10 years.