How To Buy Cryptocurrencies With PayPal

How To Buy Cryptocurrencies With PayPal

Cryptocurrencies are growing day by day, and even after the catastrophic year crypto had in 2022, they are still going strong and the crypto market is growing. With this growth, cryptocurrencies are attracting a lot of new people to the market who want to get their hands on these assets, be it for simple investments or for the purpose of interacting with blockchain and its many features.

When it comes to actually buying cryptocurrencies, this process is very simple, as you simply go to the exchange, choose which cryptocurrencies you want to buy, and proceed with payment. But not every method of payment is accepted across these exchanges, due to different payment providers and other similar factors. But there is one payment method that is accepted globally, which is PayPal, and buying cryptocurrencies using PayPal is a popular way to approach this. Since PayPal is so widely accepted, there are different ways we can purchase cryptocurrencies using PayPal and the one you choose should depend on your preferences. Because of this, today we will be taking a look at all of the different ways we can buy cryptocurrencies using PayPal.

Using crypto exchanges

The most straightforward way to buy cryptocurrencies is through crypto exchanges. This can be done only through centralized exchanges, as decentralized exchanges distance themselves from fiat currencies and payment systems that use fiat. When visiting a crypto exchange, you will need to create an account and pass the KYC verification. Once this is done, you can go on and purchase whichever cryptocurrencies are available on the exchange.

When doing this using PayPal, there are several factors to consider. First, you need to check if the selected exchange even accepts PayPal, as there are some exchanges that accept PayPal payments, while others don’t, and there is also the factor of where you reside. Some exchanges allow PayPal payments to only those who reside in certain countries and might limit the majority of users from using PayPal. Because of this, if you plan on using PayPal, check beforehand which exchanges accept PayPal payments from the country you reside in. 

Using MetaMask

Another popular way to purchase cryptocurrencies is by using the MetaMask crypto wallet. MetaMask is a software crypto wallet that comes in the form of a web browser extension and mobile app. When looking at the available cryptocurrencies to purchase, MetaMask offers users purchasing options for Ethereum, BNB, Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon, Celo, and a few stablecoins. This is not a very wide selection, but the benefit of buying cryptocurrencies in MetaMask is that, whenever you purchase these cryptocurrencies, they are placed in your personal wallet and not the custodial wallet provided by the exchanges. 

Just like crypto exchanges, MetaMask might not allow people from certain countries to use PayPal as a payment method and you should check if your country falls under one of these countries. 

Peer-2-Peer Purchases

Both of the options mentioned above are options where you are purchasing cryptocurrencies from third parties. But there is also an option to purchase practically any cryptocurrency you want without any third-party involvement and do so through a peer-2-peer transaction using PayPal.

There are many different platforms that facilitate peer-2-peer transactions and a large number of these transactions can be done using PayPal. These can be done within some exchanges themselves, but there are also special platforms designed for facilitating these transactions. If you are looking to purchase cryptocurrencies and want to do it using P2P transactions, simply look for the platform that fits your needs the best and one that accepts PayPal. There are also cases when one seller might accept PayPal and a different seller on the same platform might not accept PayPal payments, so make sure of these things before you start. 

Purchase inside PayPal

The most straightforward way to purchase cryptocurrencies with PayPal is to do it through the PayPal App. This is a feature that was first introduced to the United States of America, and now has expanded to some European and Asian countries. 

When purchasing cryptocurrencies in the PayPal app, you will see the “Crypto” option in your “Finance” tab. There you will see all of the available cryptocurrencies, then simply select the crypto you wish to purchase and complete the payment using your PayPal balance. In this “Crypto” section you will also be able to see the cryptocurrencies you own and from there you can send, receive, and transfer your cryptocurrencies as you like. PayPal has also introduced a lot of educational materials related to cryptocurrencies, so if you are unfamiliar with this market, you can read up on it.

FAQs on How to buy cryptocurrencies with PayPal

Does Binance accept PayPal?

Binance does accept PayPal payments when purchasing cryptocurrencies, but this feature is only available to certain countries. In order to purchase crypto with PayPal on Binance, first you need to visit the “Buy Crypto” page on Binance and check if there is a PayPal option available. If you don’t see one, it means that your country is not supported. If you see one, simply select which crypto you want to buy and how much, then finalize the purchase using PayPal.

How do I buy USDT with PayPal?

If you want to purchase USDT with PayPal first you need to find a crypto exchange that accepts PayPal payments. Once you find one, simply go to their buy crypto page, select USDT, and buy it using PayPal. There is also a possibility to buy USDT with PayPal using the MetaMask wallet, but once again, MetaMask only gives PayPal purchase options to people residing in certain countries.