Best resources to learn about cryptocurrencies

Best resources to learn about cryptocurrencies

As we all know, cryptocurrencies have become a new investment trend among traders, and who can blame them? The crypto market has a good track record of giving out great profits. Along with that, interesting integration in many new Web3 developments and other similar traits make cryptocurrencies something that we should keep an eye on.

But there is one problem, complexity. Cryptocurrencies operate on a complex system of blockchains and there are many different nuances that traders need to know in order to maximize their potential in the crypto market. Because of this, many traders are constantly reading different guides and articles to learn as much as possible to be sure they can succeed in the market.

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” - Albert Einstein

Here we will present you with some of the best crypto-related resources that will help any trader take big steps into the world of crypto.

Best Guides on investfox

Crypto Staking Guide

When most people join the crypto market, they are inexperienced traders whose aims are just to purchase crypto and hold it for a long time in the hopes they can sell it for big profits later on. 

This is a smart approach for those who don't know anything about trading. One thing is certain, if you join a market, especially one as volatile as the crypto market, newcomers are destined to make rookie mistakes and lose their investments. 

But just holding crypto in your wallet might not be a smart choice considering the fact that there are tools such as crypto staking, where you can earn interest on the assets you are holding. 

Here at investfox, we have crafted a detailed guide about crypto staking, so be sure to check it out if you wish to learn more about this topic.

Crypto Trading Guide

At the top, we said that most newcomers are better off holding crypto for a long period of time and staking it, but there are also some who are motivated to learn all about crypto trading and are ready to challenge themselves.

These people will have a tough time ahead of them, but the end result will probably be more fruitful than those who limit themselves to just holding crypto. Here new traders will need to learn a lot of nuances regarding crypto trading. Stuff like which token to trade with, when to trade, what strategies to use, at which exchange to trade, and many more. Because of this, they need to read, learn, and remember a ton of information.

Here at investfox, we have created a nice guide about trading cryptocurrencies, which will be a great stepping stone for every upcoming trader.

Bitcoin Mining Guide

Cryptocurrencies are nothing without Bitcoin. Being the first and by far the largest token on the market, it is not surprising that Bitcoin price changes can affect the whole market.

Because of this, it is important to know everything about Bitcoin, how it works, what gives it value, and how it is created. The last part, in particular, is very crucial, as it is what puts new Bitcoins in circulation and makes Bitcoin transactions possible. So it is important to know how Bitcoin mining works, and what effect it has on Bitcoin itself. 

You can find everything that you will need to know about this subject in our guide to Bitcoin mining. So, if you wish to learn more about it, be sure to check it out.

Crypto Wallets Guide

Cryptocurrencies have one really important component that every trader should take into consideration and that is the crypto wallets.

Whenever you own a cryptocurrency, it is stored inside the crypto wallet. When newcomers join the crypto market, they usually keep their tokens in the wallet provided by the exchange, and some don't even know what wallets are. But they are integral components of crypto trading and investing, so finding the best crypto wallet should be one of the first steps taken by new crypto traders.

If you want to learn more about these crypto wallets, you can find a really detailed guide about them here at investfox and learn everything you need to know.

Crypto Airdrops Guide

When new people join the crypto world, they usually poke their heads around, looking at different tokens and projects trying to find something interesting and investment worthy.

When doing so, it is likely that they will see the term airdrops floating around. This is a reward system that many projects use to reward their users for various reasons. Usually, becoming part of an airdrop is free, so it's best to not miss out on an opportunity if there is one. But these can also be used to scam those who are new and unfamiliar with how things work, so it is really important to know what crypto airdrops are and how they work.

You can find a detailed guide on crypto airdrops here at investfox, where we tell you in detail what these airdrops are and how you can find some.

Best Guides on YouTube

“In the real world, the smartest people are people who make mistakes and learn. In school, the smartest people don’t make mistakes.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Whiteboard Crypto

Learning about cryptocurrencies can be a tough and challenging process. Everything is filled with complex terms, strategies, charts, and other relevant information.

These things are usually what drive newcomers away as they see everything as being too complex and hard to understand. One person realized this and to help these newcomers he created a YouTube channel called Whiteboard Crypto. Here you will find detailed guides and explanatory videos on almost every crypto topic. But what makes this channel stand out is its storytelling. Here everything is done in a simple language to make sure that newcomers will have absolutely no problem following the guides and learning everything necessary.

Coin Bureau

While Whiteboard Crypto creates simple and easy-to-understand guides, Coin Bureau records guides and other informational videos regarding the ongoing crypto market. Let's call it the next stepping stone after Whiteboard Crypto.

When visiting Coin Bureau's YouTube channel you are guaranteed to be met with high-quality videos where everything is explained in detail. They record videos regarding current affairs, what is the state of the market, what can happen in the near future, and what causes every change. This will be great information and a learning hub for traders as being on top of the news is really crucial in such a volatile scene as the crypto market.


Following Coin Bureau, CryptoRUs is our next YouTube channel that will help traders learn as much as possible about the crypto market. 

CryptoRUs dives a little deeper than Coin Bureau, which makes it a good channel to follow once you have got sufficient knowledge from Coin Bureau. Here you will see detailed guides on different analyses and other technical stuff that is necessary when trading cryptocurrencies. To make sure that his content goes over every detail, Tung, the owner of this channel, records 30-40 minute long videos, where every possible detail is explained and discussed.

FAQs on Best Resources to Learn About Cryptocurrency

Where can I learn everything about crypto

One of the best places to learn about crypto is at Here you will be able to find detailed guides and other educational material on many different crypto topics. We also have a good section about NFT trading and much more.

Is it hard to learn about crypto?

Depends on where you are learning. There is a lot of educational material that has been written in a way that is hard to understand for newcomers, but on sites like investfox, newcomers can easily learn about crypto with simple and detailed guides.

How do I learn about crypto?

When you start to learn about crypto, it is always a good idea to start from the very basics such as simple terms, and slowly transition into more complex subjects. Another great tip would be to buy an NFT and join one of its communities, as there you will learn a lot about blockchain from hands-on experience.