Best books to read about cryptocurrencies

Best books to read about cryptocurrencies

The rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain happened really fast. One day no one knew what crypto was and then suddenly we heard our grandparents talking about it.

This is the new world of finances and it is hard to navigate and complex to understand. Because of this, some newcomers have a hard time adjusting and are seeking every available and useful bit of educational material that will help them out.

When doing so, new traders find countless guides and courses online, but for some, it's not enough. When it comes to education and learning new stuff, books have always been the most popular choice and when it comes to crypto this is no exception.

Here we will present you with the best books about cryptocurrencies that will help you find out everything you will need to know about this new and interesting space.

The Basics of Bitcoin and Blockchains - Antony Lewis

One of the most popular and successful books about cryptocurrencies is Antony Lewis's The Basics of Bitcoin and Blockchain. This is a great book for those who are just joining crypto as well as for experienced experts.

This is a great book to see where it all started. In the beginning, the author talks about traditional finances and how money used to work, and from there he starts to discuss cryptocurrencies and the whole blockchain in detail.

This book does not assume that the reader has any expertise and is structured in a way that everyone will understand. Newcomers will be able to receive much-needed information and those who are already familiar with blockchain will still be able to find some interesting information that they might not have known.

“Bitcoin has been declared dead over 300 times! But it lives on...” - Antony Lewis

Blockchain Revolution - Don and Alex Tapscott

Written by a father and son duo, this book tells a great story of how much impact blockchain had and will most likely have on our world. 

In this book, the authors talk about how blockchain will transform and change what and how we do things online. According to them, blockchain has already helped the development of expanding financial services, and it's on its way to developing this space even more.

This book also goes into detail and explains how blockchain can be useful in other sectors. One of the most important parts being discussed here is how much protection this new technology can bring to personal identity safeguarding and what the consequences of it will be. 

This is a great book that everyone will enjoy, no matter if you are a complete newbie or an experienced trader.

“Data is becoming a new asset class – one that may trump previous asset classes.” - Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott

The Cryptopians - Laura Shin

Written by Laura Shin, host of a famous crypto podcast Unchained. This book tells the story of Ethereum, the second-largest crypto and biggest blockchain in the world.

This might be the best-written book on our list. Laura has spent three years interviewing different people who contributed to the development of Ethereum, including Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood. She introduces these people as characters in her book, making it look like a book that might even get a movie adaptation.

In this book, you will meet and hear the story of eight Ethereum founders. It tells us all the dramatic events that took place when Ethereum was in development and even mentions the story of how one founder was let go. Another big topic that this book also covers is the infamous DAO hack, which is probably the biggest crypto hack to this day. 

This book will help readers learn about Ethereum, but it will also be a good option for those who are not into crypto, because of the way this book is constructed and written.

“It was like the biz-guys-versus-devs debates of early Ethereum. Again, the dev prevailed.” - Laura Shin

Cryptoassets - Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar

Being more centered around crypto investments, Cryptoassets is a book written by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar. This book looks at cryptos from a financial perspective, rather than from a technological perspective.

This book is aimed more at blockchain investors, rather than programmers. It starts off by describing the early developments of Bitcoin during the 2008 financial crisis and what impact this crisis had on blockchain development. It then goes into describing the differences between Bitcoin and the whole blockchain technology.

It then goes into trying to define cryptocurrencies as an asset class, even creating a strong framework to calculate the value of any crypto.

This is a great book that will be enjoyed by people of all backgrounds and expertise.

“Cryptoassets, like gold, are often constructed to be scarce in their supply. Many will be even more scarce than gold and other precious metals. The supply schedule of cryptoassets typically is metered mathematically and set in code at the genesis of the underlying protocol or distributed application.” - Chris Burniske

The Internet of Money - Andreas Antonopoulus

Written by a famous blockchain entrepreneur, Andreas Antonopoulos, The Internet of Money is a great crypto book aimed at the board audience. 

According to Antonopoulos, this book represents and tells a story of how he joined the crypto world and what his journey has been like.  

While telling his story, the central point of this book is still Bitcoin and blockchain based.

It is also an easy book to read, with well-constructed characters and storytelling.

“The purpose of mining is not the creation of new bitcoin. That’s the incentive system. Mining is the mechanism by which bitcoin’s security is decentralized.” - Andreas Antonopoulos

FAQs on Best Crypto Books

What is the best book to learn about cryptocurrencies?

Many consider The Basics of Bitcoin and Blockchain to be the best book to learn about crypto. This book is written for both newbies and experienced traders alike. It manages to tell the whole story of Bitcoin and blockchain ever since its development.

How do I learn about cryptocurrencies?

There are many ways a person can learn about cryptocurrencies. One example, reading the book from this list and following different social media crypto groups.