XM deposit bonuses

XM deposit bonuses

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Grabbing extra cash to add to your trading capital is never bad and it can positively affect profitability when used wisely. Some bonuses are worthy of claim and offer a good boost in trading volume while others are near to impossible to actually make good use of. In today’s guide, we will analyze one of the top Forex brokers’, XM, bonuses. Let’s see which one is the best to turbocharge your trading.

XM brief broker overview - Why is this brand so trusted?

Before we start discussing bonuses themselves let’s see why XM is a broker you can trust. When selecting a Forex broker, regulation and client safety are the top things to consider. After this, spreads and fees are most important, and then how easy and cheap it is to deposit and withdraw funds from your trading account.

XM is a well-established Forex and CFD broker founded in 2009 and regulated in 5 different jurisdictions including the UK, Australia, Belize, the UAE, and Cyprus. The broker has 5 million clients from 190 countries around the world. XM offers multiple asset classes for trading including Forex, commodities, indices, CFDs on stocks, and more. The spreads are low and start from 0.6 pips on major Forex pairs. With spreads this low, it is possible to use scalping strategies which is very advantageous. The minimum deposit requirements are low, from just 5 USD, and leverage is very flexible, going up to 1:1000. Additionally, XM charges no deposit and withdrawal fees and offers 1,500 trading instruments in the aforementioned asset classes. All four account types come with negative balance protection to prevent traders from losing more than their trading account, which is very useful when trading with high leverage.

$30 Trading Bonus

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XM offers their traders a trading bonus of $30 which is credit (un-withdrawable) and prompts traders to stay with XM. The bonus is available for clients who are opening their first live account with the broker and can be used to test the broker’s trading services and products. There is no deposit requirement to get this bonus, only account registration is necessary. Let’s list some of the pros of a $30 trading bonus:

  • No deposit is required
  • All profits can be withdrawn
  • Automatically credited to the client account
  • Available to new clients to help them test trading terms

General Terms

There are other important conditions that every trader should know before using this bonus:

  • This no-deposit trading program is not available for shares trading account holders
  • This program is construed per the laws and regulations of Belize
  • Trading bonuses can not be transferred between different trading accounts
  • Any withdrawal of funds after the bonus is granted will cause proportional removal of the trading bonus. (We will describe this term with an example below)
  • The client has 30 days to claim the bonus after opening their first trading account
  • To withdraw profits made from this bonus, the trader must complete 5 round turn trades and has to accumulate a total trading volume of 10 micro lots (0.1 standard lots). This is simple to complete as it will take a maximum of 10 trades to reach the 0.1 lot size. 
  • One IP address is only allowed one trading bonus

Trading bonus removal proportional to withdrawals

Bonus amountDeposit amountProfits made
 from bonus
Available balance 
for withdrawal
request amount
Amount of trading 
bonus removal
$300$100$100$40 (40% on $100)$12 (40% of $30)
$30$500$100$600$360 (60% on $600)$18 (60% of $30)

As we can see, the terms are not strict and are easily achievable by even beginner traders. A trading bonus will provide a good backwind to start practicing trading skills and developing viable trading strategies. 

50% + 20% Deposit Bonus

XM offers a two-tier bonus system on the deposit which is combined to give traders a considerable amount of up to $5,000 on top of their investment giving them more capital for trading. Up to $500 and up to $4,500 can be granted as a bonus from these bonus tiers. The main highlights of this bonus are:

  • Instantly credited to client account
  • Minimum deposit for this bonus starts from $5
  • Available on MT4 and MT5 accounts
  • Non-withdrawable bonus

The one trading account that is not eligible for this bonus is XM Ultra Low account. Any profits made while trading with the bonus can be withdrawn, but it will cause proportional removal of the bonus like in the $30 trading bonus’s case. 

This bonus is available for all clients of XM who deposit funds in their trading accounts until the maximum bonus amount of $5,000 is received. 

Deposit Bonus explained by examples

Your depositBonus appliedYour bonusTrading balance
$550% on $5$2.50$7,50
$1,00050% on $1,000$500$1,500
$2,00050% on $1,000 + ‏20% on $1,000$500 + $200 = $700$2,700
$5,00050% on $1,000 + ‏20% on $4,000$1,300$6,300
$10,00050% on $1,000 + ‏20% on $9,000$2,300$12,300
$20,00050% on $1,000 + ‏20% on $19,000$4,300$24,300
$23,50050% on $1,000 + ‏20% on $22,500$5,000$28,500

General Terms and Conditions

  • Deposit bonus is seen as credit on the account and can only be used for trading activities
  • When transferring funds internally a proportional bonus will also be transferred 
  • Clients can opt out from this bonus at any time by sending a request to this email address: nobonus@xmglobal.com
  • A deposit bonus can only received once by the same client
  • Ultra Low and Shares accounts are not eligible for this bonus program
  • Only persons aged 18 and above can receive bonuses
  • Eligible clients will receive 50% of the bonus on their first or subsequent deposit that is made in their real account and maximum tier 1 bonus is set to $500
  • 20% of their subsequent deposit will be granted as a bonus in addition to $500 

As we can see the terms for receiving a deposit bonus are even simpler than in the case of $30 trading bonus. They are credited to the client account and can not be withdrawn. Generally, it is recommended to use bonuses not for withdrawals, but solely as a trading capital and withdraw profits made from trading with this capital.