TopFX deposit bonuses

TopFX deposit bonuses


Using bonuses to turbocharge your trading account with extra cash is never a bad idea. Based on the trading terms and conditions some bonuses are worth claiming while others are hard to reach. In this guide, we will discuss the two bonuses offered by the regulated Forex and CFDs broker TopFX, and we will conclude with which one of the bonuses is worthy of claiming. 

A brief overview of TopFX - is it a reliable broker?


With 10 years of industry presence and spreads as low as 0 pips, TopFX offers trading terms that can hardly be ignored by any trader. TopFX is a multi-asset broker offering access to over 1,000 instruments including Forex, commodities, indices, cryptos, and stock CFDs. The broker is regulated in Cyprus and Seychelles and follows policies to promote fair treatment and maximum client safety. With its low fees and trading commissions TopFX offers an institutional-grade trading environment for traders from all levels of experience. Although the broker is regulated by two different authorities it has to be noted that these regulators are not very strict.

50% Deposit Bonus

50% of your trading capital could be a serious amount to add to your account. However, there are important terms to consider before applying for the bonus. 

  • The bonus is only applicable for the first two initial deposits of a client. The bonus will not be applied to any subsequent deposits. 
  • The trader should first request the bonus before starting the trading process. 
  • The maximum amount a client can get from this bonus is set to 500 USD. 
  • For any deposits that are 500 USD or lower the bonus applied will be increased to 100% of the deposit amount.
  • If a deposit is more than 10,000 USD the bonus given is decreased to 25%

Deposit bonus example table

Deposited amountApplied bonus amountThe trading bonus of the clientTrading capital bonus
250 USD100%250 USD500 USD
1,000 USD100% on 500 USD + 50% on 500 USD500 USD + 250 USD = 750 USD1,750 USD
12,500 USD100% on 500 USD + 50% on 10,000 + 25% on 2,000500 USD + 5 000 USD + 500 = 6 00018,500 USD

If a trader decides to withdraw their own funds to trade with only a bonus it has to be noted that the bonuses will be removed based on the funds withdrawn. This makes sure that traders are not abusing the bonus system by trading without risking their own capital. 

Claiming the 50% deposit bonus - main steps

Step 1: Register and open a trading account

Step 2: Verify your trading account by providing a valid email address, identity documents, and proof of address documents. 

Step 3: Email the broker at to request a bonus. 

Step 4: After claiming the bonus, start trading with 1,000+ assets offered by TopFX. 

30% NFP deposit bonus

TopFX offers a 30% deposit bonus for NFP traders. NFP means non-farm payrolls and is a form of news trading where the trader tries to profit from increased volatility during the indicator’s release. The NFP is known for shaking Forex markets on its release and it is released on the first Friday of every month. Traders can claim their NFP bonus in two steps.

Claiming NFP bonus for new clients

  • Step 1: For new clients, register an account and proceed with the verification process. 
  • Step 2: After the account is verified traders will have to fund their trading account with a minimum of 100 USD and send an email to broker support at to request a bonus. 

Claiming NFP bonus for existing clients

  • Step 1: Log in to your account and choose the account type you want to claim the bonus on.
  • Step 2: Fund your trading account with a minimum of 100 USD and send an email to broker support at to request a bonus. 

There are several terms and conditions for this bonus: the initial deposit must be at least 100 USD and only in USD base currency. The maximum bonus that can be claimed is 250 USD which means a maximum of 830 USD can be translated into a bonus.