Lirunex bonuses explained - which one is worth claiming?

Lirunex bonuses explained - which one is worth claiming?

When trading Forex and other financial markets the extra cash provided in the form of various bonuses can amplify traders' ability to make money. But not all bonuses are worth it and some of them have difficult terms that anyone can hardly achieve, while some bonuses are very useful and easy to use. In this guide, we will discuss the Lirunex bonuses and conclude which one is the best for beginners and experienced traders. 

Lirunex brief broker overview

Lirunex is a regulated Forex and CFDs broker that aims at achieving the status of the best CFDs broker in the world. Lirunex provides high maximum leverage of 1:2000 and more than 100 instruments in various asset classes. The broker is regulated by the Labuan offshore FSA (Financial Services Authority) and has zero fees for deposits and withdrawals. The trading instruments include Forex pairs, crypto, stock CFDs, commodities, and indices. Forex spreads on the standard accounts start from 1.5 pips on major pairs and the broker offers other trading accounts with spreads from 0.01 pips and average commissions. 

Lirunex Bonuses

Currently, the broker offers traders three different bonuses including a 100% deposit bonus, a 20% trading bonus, and gold for it. The bonuses on Lirunex are constantly added and expired and we focus on ongoing bonus promotions that have considerable time remaining before expiration. 

100% Deposit Bonus

This bonus from Lirunex is only available for first-time deposits and the minimum deposit to be eligible for this bonus is 100 USD. here are steps to get this bonus for newcomers:

  • Register an account, traders can select LX-Standard or Islamic accounts.
  • Make a deposit of at least 100 USD
  • Submit the form for application to get the bonus, the form is provided on the broker’s website

In order to withdraw the bonus there must be at least a bonus amount in UD/2 lots traded on the account. Depending on the bonus size this can be easy or hard to achieve. Generally, it is best to use a bonus for making and withdrawing profits rather than the bonus itself. With this approach, the bonus can become a viable weapon in a trader’s arsenal to have more trading capital than their budget. 

Other important terms and conditions for receiving the 100% deposit bonus are as follows:

  • The promotion is open for both existing and new sign-ups
  • The trader must have an active MetaTrader 4 (MT4) account
  • Bonus is only eligible for first-time deposits with new funding to new active MT4 accounts, meaning the existing customers can transfer new MT4 account deposit funds and get the bonus, as well as new customers
  • The trading volume must be achieved within three months after getting the bonus for withdrawing it
  • The maximum deposit bonus that can be received is 20,000 USD
  • The bonus will be removed if the client withdraws funds or the account balance goes to zero or negative
  • Scalping, hedging, sniping, and churning are not allowed or the bonus will be canceled immediately. If the trader opens and closes trades quickly the bonus will be canceled.

As we can see the terms list for the bonus prevents scalpers from using it, but the bonus can be used by day traders with any medium to long-term trading strategies. 

20% Trading Bonus

With a 20% trading bonus, traders will be able to earn up to 500 USD bonus. The steps to receive the bonus are simple:

Register a trading account, standard or Islamic, deposit at least 100 USD on the trading account, and fill in the application form provided under the bonus description. The withdrawal policies are the same as for the deposit bonus. The trader can withdraw the trading bonus after trading lots half the bonus size. For the 20 USD bonus trader will have to trade 10 lots in total to be eligible for withdrawing the bonus. This bonus too is best to use for making profits and then withdraw these profits as 10 lots for 10 USD bonus is too much to complete within three months of trading. 

Important conditions for this bonus are as follows

  • Bonus can only be applied to LX-Standard or Islamic accounts, the maximum bonus traders can receive is 500 USD
  • Only first-time deposits with fresh funding can receive the bonus
  • A minimum deposit of 100 USD is necessary for being eligible for a trading bonus
  • The maximum leverage that can be used for the bonus account is 1:300
  • Bonus credits will be turned into account balance when the required trading volume has been reached

Gold for it

This promotion is aimed at preserving wealth with gold since gold is one of the best investments. With this promotion, traders have a chance of winning a Gold Bar depending on their deposit and lot sizes traded. Here are the list of gold bars and the terms for winning the prize:

  • 10g Gold Bar can be received when the trader's deposit is 1,500 USD and above and the lot size traded is 400.
  • a 6g Gold bar can be rewarded to traders whose account size is 1,000 - 1,500 USD and lot size 250.
  • A 4g Gold bar can be won when deposits made are between 500 and 1,000 USD and the lot size traded is 150. 
  • 1g Gold bar will require traders to have a deposit between 300-500 USD and a lot size of 50
  • 0.5G Gold Bar will require 200-300 USD and 25 lots
  • The 0.1g Gold Bar has requirements of 100-200 USD and 15 lots. 

Steps to Claim the Gold Bar

  • Step 1: Open an account and fund it. Withdrawals are not possible during the promotion period which continues for 30 days.
  • Step 2: Register. Fill out and submit the application form
  • Step 3: Start trading. Deposit and trade to claim the gold bar

The account types eligible for this bonus are LX-Standard, Islamic Prime, Standard Plus Swap Free, and LX-Prime account types. Other categories of accounts are not eligible for this bonus.