Forex Vox deposit bonuses

Forex Vox deposit bonuses

Grabbing extra cash to add to your trading account is an intriguing offer from brokers. But depending on the terms of the bonus it may be worth it, or just wasting a trader's time to try and get the bonus. This is why we will walk you through the Forex Vox bonuses and we will conclude with which one of the bonuses provided by the broker is worth getting. 

Forex Vox - A brief broker review

Forex Vox was built by traders for traders and is based in London. The broker is authorized and regulated by the Seychelles FSA (Financial Services Authority) and offers MetaTrader 4 (MT4) as the main trading platform. Forex Vox clients can enjoy a leverage of up to 1:500 which is very comfortable for Forex trading and spreads on major pairs like EUR/USD starts from 0.2 pips. The broker provides access to more than 100 trading instruments including Forex pairs, commodities, and indices. Forex Vox has excellent customer support with multilingual live chat, with zero fees for deposits and withdrawals, and does not charge inactivity fees. All clients are protected by negative balance protection in case of abusing the high leverage the broker offers. The minimum lot size for both account types, standard or ECN, is set to 0.01 lot which is very convenient for trading on a small budget. 

Forex Vox 10% Floating Deposit Bonus

The broker currently offers two types of bonuses called floating deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses. The floating deposit bonus is set to 10% and it can be received after funding the trading account with a minimum amount of 50 USD. Bonus is supported on the standard account of the Forex Vox and as soon as funds are deposited traders will have to contact the broker through an email address to request the bonus. Once the bonus is received traders can start trading with extra added cash to their trading account. 

Here are the main rules for a floating deposit bonus:

  • The deposit can be received when the trader deposits using the client area
  • The size of the bonus will be 10% of the deposited amount
  • The minimum deposit amount to be eligible for a bonus is 50 USD
  • The bonus will not be added to internal transfers or deposits from contests or promotions of the company
  • The bonus can be applied to the standard accounts only
  • The maximum size of the bonus that can be received is 200 USD
  • The bonus is added to credit and it can be used for drawdowns
  • If the client withdraws his funds after the bonus has been added, the bonus will be canceled
  • The bonus is active and can be used in trading for 60 days after which it expires
  • Only one trading account can be used for the bonus

As we can see the main challenge is to accumulate as much profit as possible during 60 days when the bonus is active. The terms are rather simple and there are no complicated requirements from the broker that could make this bonus untradeable. Let’s see if the 100% deposit bonus is also worth claiming.

Forex Vox 100% Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus requires clients to deposit a minimum of 100 USD on the standard account to be eligible for a 100% deposit bonus. The procedure is almost the same as for floating bonuses, traders will have to contact the broker via email and request bonus activation. The client can also choose the amount of the bonus from 25%, 50%, or 100% which gives the client flexibility. 

Let’s see the main rules for a 100% bonus and conclude if it's worth the struggle:

  • Deposit should be made on the standard account using the client area
  • The minimum deposit is 100 USD and clients are free to choose the percentage of the bonus
  • Only the standard account is eligible for bonuses and the bonus can not be used in internal transfers
  • Traders should request the bonus via email at
  • The maximum bonus the trader can receive is 1,000 USD
  • This bonus can not be used for drawdowns and it is added to the Credit
  • The client funds are divided into bonus part and client funds and only client funds can be used for withdrawals
  • The deposited sum and the bonus received are unlocked for withdrawals only after the client makes the trading volume equal to <Number of lots>=<the bonus sum in USD>/2. This is applied to Forex and metals only and is calculated only for closed transactions. This means for a 1,000 USD bonus the trading volume must be at least 500 which is a staggering volume. 
  • Profits can be withdrawn at any moment if the client decides to withdraw and after the bonus is claimed client withdraws their deposited funds the bonus will be canceled

Since it is harder to achieve the 100% bonus requirements for withdrawing it, the best way would be to use it for trading profits only and withdraw these profits. Since the spreads are low on the standard account the 100% bonus should provide traders with extra backwind to turbocharge their buying power.