Exness free VPS

Exness free VPS


If you have a profitable trading strategy you may want to translate it into a trading robot and then run it constantly. But what happens if you want to control your trading robot remotely? VPS or Virtual Private Server, is a very useful cloud solution for trading robots as it allows traders to run their trading software 24/7 with the ability to access and control it remotely from anywhere in the world. Exness is a regulated Forex and CFDs broker that offers free VPS service to its clients. Let’s first understand what exactly VPS is and then look at what Exness has to offer.

Advantages of using VPS in trade automation

VPS is a cloud-based virtual server that makes it easy to run trading robots 24/7 with remote access. This way traders can run their trading robots called Expert Advisors (EAs) uninterrupted. VPS is particularly useful for Forex traders who have automated trading strategies that require good connectivity to the trading platform for executing trades quickly and efficiently. 

In Forex, low latency and fast trade execution are important factors that can greatly impact a trader’s profitability. This is especially the case when using scalping strategies that rely on quick opportunities in markets. VPS can provide traders with low latency and fast execution as it provides connectivity to trading servers and can potentially reduce the time it takes to send and receive trade orders. This can lead to better trading results as EAs can quickly analyze and execute trades because of low latency.

Exness brief broker review

Exness is a multi-asset broker offering trading services since 2008. The broker is regulated by several reliable authorities including the Cyprus CySEC, FSA, and FCA, and offers competitive trading terms to international traders. Exness provides access to Forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptos as CFDs. Unfortunately, the broker does not accept clients from the USA. 

Exness offers 24/7 instant withdrawals which are done automatically and traders do not have to wait 1-3 business days as in the case of many other brokers. The broker does not charge fees for deposits and withdrawals either, making it a reliable choice for traders who prefer to withdraw their profits faster and cheaper. The minimum deposit starts from 10 USD providing a unique opportunity for traders to command considerable trading power with a relatively small budget. All five Exness account types come with negative balance protection preventing traders from going into negative account balance in case they abuse the leverage that the broker offers. 

With spreads starting from 0.3 pips for major pairs, there is a high temptation to use Exness as a main broker to get the value of VPS services. 

Maximize Your Trading Potential with Exness Free VPS

Exness offers free VPS service to all its clients to run their EAs uninterrupted and maximize potential profits. The broker requires a minimum balance of 500 USD for this service. It is also required that the trader’s free margin stays above 100 USD during the request and there should be trading activity on the client’s account within the last 14 days. To apply for free VPS, traders must send a request to the email address: support@exness.com or contact the broker using the live chat. 

Exness charges no monthly fees for operating a VPS which is a great opportunity for algo traders to run their trading robots 24/7 remotely. Below are Exness VPS hardware specifications:

  • Operating system - Windows Server 2019 64 bit
  • CPU - 1 CPU core
  • RAM - 2 GB
  • Disk Space - 50 GB
  • Password - Strong password protection

Exness VPS servers are placed close to Exness MT servers providing a fast and secure trading environment no matter the trader’s location. Exness VPS allows traders to run their trading robots unaffected by personal internet connectivity and desktop issues. 

Pros of Exness VPS

When using Exness’ free VPS:

  • Speed - Exness VPS servers are near the Exness trading servers, ensuring fast connection
  • Stability - Using VPS ensures that EAs are running seamlessly, regardless of the trader’s internet connection quality
  • 24-hour trading - VPS is live and EAs are trading even when the trader’s personal computer is turned off
  • Mobility and portability - using VPS, traders can access their trading account from anywhere without the need to install trading software. VPS is available for any operating system

If you have a profitable trading strategy that can be translated into a trading robot and 500 USD on your trading account then it is a good opportunity to apply for Exness’ free VPS.