Axi copy trading

Axi copy trading

Axi is a regulated Forex and CFDs broker that offers unique copy trading services. Before, if a trader wanted to copy other traders' strategies, they were limited to selecting traders from what their copy trading service providers had to offer. Usually, this was traders associated with the broker they had an account with. With Axi’s Myfxbook Autotrade however, it is possible to select the best traders from the verified Myfxbook trader base. Myfxbook is a platform that has a huge trader base from various popular brokers. Axi’s copy trading service, therefore, increases the likelihood of finding reliable and profitable traders. Let’s discuss why Axi copy trading is worth considering and what the advantages of Myfxbook AutoTrade are.

Myfxbook Autotrade - the most profitable copy trading tool?


Myfxbook is a famous platform for Forex traders where traders can register, connect their trading accounts and verify their trading performance. This is very useful for building a good track record which can be used to attract investors as Myfxbook is a perfect place to show traders’ experience and success to a wider audience. The platform has numerous other functions and also offers trading strategies comparison and a list of top-performing trading strategies. Traders can even use Myfxbook’s website to check the performance of not only their trading performance but other professional traders from whom the trading signals can be copied. An extra layer of defense and caution is never too much when trading financial markets and Myfxbook is a great place to check a professional trader’s legitimacy. Let’s dive into more details about Axi’s copy trading service and why it is the tool you do not want to miss. 

Myfxbook AutoTrade on MT4 - this Axi tool is too powerful


Axi enables traders to connect to Myfxbook signal providers through an MT4 (MetaTrader 4) trading platform. This enables traders to directly get signals and copy successful professional traders from their trading platform. MetaTrader 4 being one of the most popular advanced platforms is widely used by traders all over the world and to be able to copy successful traders from the platform who have a track record of profitable trading is no joke. Traders will still have to wisely choose the signal providers, by conducting some basic research to see performance on the Myfxbook platform and make sure the trader really has a successful track record. Here is what Axi’s Myfxbook AutoTrade on MT4 has to offer:

  • Create and organize an online portfolio to track all trading accounts and systems from one place
  • Using the statistical tools that automatically analyze your account’s trading data to provide a better performance picture
  • Allow your potential clients to see your trading performance by giving them access to see your 3rd party audited trading results
  • Myfxbook AutoTrade’s economic calendar will provide you with the latest updates on the most impactful fundamental news and indicators.

Since both Myfxbook and Axi are focused on building a professional trader base, their interests meet in the MT4 AutoTrade which allows both of them to attract new successful traders who are willing to share their profitable strategies and investors who want to copy these strategies.

Myfxbook AutoTrade by being the most unique and powerful social trading platform aims to let traders share trading ideas and promote collaboration. 

Brief Axi review - is it a reliable broker?

Axi, formerly known as AxiTrader, is a Forex and CFDs broker regulated by three different authorities including the UK’s FCA and Australia’s ASIC. This makes Axi a legit and reliable broker as these regulators are among the most reputable Forex regulators. Through its aim at building an experienced trader base, Axi has attracted over 60,000 clients from 100 different countries. The broker offers negative balance protection and uses segregated accounts for its client funds. Axi offers competitive spreads and commissions and is among the most trusted brokers worldwide. Axi copy trading is a service investors should not miss out on as it offers multiple advanced options for finding the most reliable and profitable signal providers. With these services of social trading, Axi is a perfect place for investors who want to invest their money in successful traders.